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Get with the Program

All clubs slow down in the summer months. Kids are out of school. The weather is nicer, which encourages outdoor activities. And people are on vacation. The typical fitness “routine” becomes altered with these combined factors. Some members might not work out during the summer although they would like to take the chance to lose a few pounds or gain more strength, flexibility or endurance.

The great thing about having a spa in your club is that you can be innovative about incorporating spa services with regular fitness programming. This summer, get started by programming fitness classes with unique spa treatments.


Bikini season is the time to promote contouring services. Having a special butt and legs class that pairs with body wraps, Endermologie, hydrotherapy or Alginate packs for slimming and toning those areas is a given for the woman who is trying to lose those extra five pounds. For men or new moms trying to tighten up the midriff why not offer a 60-minute abs class with core stability training? Add that to other slimming and toning spa services and you have a program.


During the summer when your members want to be outdoors, create a cross-training program to trim, tone and increase their overall fitness level. Those who work out regularly are always on the hunt for something new. Use the pool for high-intensity water aerobics. Combine that with a basic training-styled cardiovascular and calisthenics session. Take free weights outdoors and do strength training. Add to that mix some cardiovascular and toning work with wind sprints, lunges, hovers and resistance band training. These workouts can be matched with spa services by creating a spa treatment to fit that week's type of workout. For instance, after the water workout match a cleansing and pore refining mud pack. After a strength training session match a Eucalyptus table steam with a sports massage. After an all over body training week finish the job with an anti-aging facial.


Many regular club-goers have a set routine that burns calories and keeps them trim, but barely fits into their daily schedule. For instance, they do a 40-minute step class combined with 20 minutes of weight training and that is all they have time for. These members may want to try softer movement classes like Pilates, Nia and yoga but don't feel they have the time. Introduce classes that focus on breath work, calming the mind, creating strength and flexibility while sampling the more soul-quenching modalities like Tai Chi and Body Flow. For matching spa services try sound and color therapy, energetic massage like Reiki, many water therapies like Watsu, floatation tank work and saline pool therapies, are also a good match. Gem stone facials and energy balancing body treatments would also be ideal for this type of special programming.


What could be better than taking a vacation without getting on a plane? This specialty program would give exercise options based on an ancient ritual or international concept. For example, for one week the program might mix yoga training with a Shirodara treatment, a turmeric body glow or a coconut milk and sandalwood body wrap. Go to Austria with a stint on the climbing wall, 20 minutes on a cross-country machine and a vigorous hike. Match your Austrian adventure in the spa with a moor mud soak in the hydrotherapy tub or with a peat body wrap followed with a sauna treatment.

Whatever program you create make it fun, effective and comprehensive. Make sure participants get results by programming the fitness portion with a complimentary spa therapy. Asking members in specialty programs to journal work with a nutritionist and have a wellness assessment makes sense. Get with the program and get your members into your spa.

Melinda Minton is a spa consultant and health and beauty expert in Ft. Collins, CO. She is the founder of the Spa Association, an organization dedicated to enriching the professional beauty industry through self-regulation, education and sound business practices.

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