First Word

Head East

Calling all Easterners! This year's Club Industry East show has a new location, trying out the sunny locale that so many retirees and sunworshippers have flocked to — Florida. And it's not just any city in Florida — it's Orlando, home of Mickey Mouse and other family friendly activities. And the show is in June, the perfect time for a little family vacation. Imagine that!

If you want more details about the show, see our pre-show report on page 42 of this issue, or go to the show's Web site at

Just Ask An Expert

Our Web site is offering each of you a great resource that you may not be aware of — an expert who will answer your software questions for free. One of the software companies is providing its resident expert to help club owners who have software questions and don't know where to turn. Visit our Web site at and click on Ask the Expert to submit your question. It's free!

Top 100

Have you received the Top 100 form yet? The editorial staff e-mailed a Top 100 form to every company that appeared on the Top 100 list last year. If you haven't received yours yet or you think you should be on the list this year, please let us know, or go to our Web site at to download a form.

Forms were due back by May 20, but we've extended the deadline to June 5.

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