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As a journalist, I'm always looking for the big story. The other editors and I have covered quite a few of them this year. Now, we're working on an end-of-the year story that sums up 2007.

We've covered financial stories such as Bally's reorganization, the bankruptcy filing of The Fitness Co., and Life Time Fitness' growing club and revenue numbers. We've reported on issues about security, including an explanation of the payment card industry data security standard and allegations that Life Time Fitness failed to protect member data at some of its clubs in Texas. We've also covered the growth of entertainment options for members, including more exercise-related programs for iPod and MP3 players. In addition, we've written stories about preventive care and the growing emphasis on this issue by politicians, corporations and fitness facilities.

These are just some of the stories that we remember, but we'd like your input about what you think some of the top stories were in 2007. E-mail your thoughts to

As Close As You Get

Because of the hustle and bustle of your work or home life, you may have elected to stay home from the Club Industry 2007 show, Oct. 10-13 in Chicago. However, you don't have to feel like you missed everything. The editors attended many of the events and seminars, and visited with many of the exhibitors, compiling our thoughts on these experiences in a blog about the show. You can read the blog (and feel like you experienced the show) by going to

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