Expectations Abound

New faces. In addition to the new face on this page, you are seeing plenty of new faces in your fitness facility this month. They bring with them excitement, hopes and goals. And they are looking to you and your staff for guidance and a sense of belonging. It's an exciting (although tiring) time for you, too, as you look over this new crowd of members and wonder which of them will become a part of that core group of members that makes coming in each day a joy, and which will get discouraged and never return. As business professionals, you know that if you deliver to members what they need and want so they reach their goals, more of them will return than give up on your club.

That's what this magazine will continue to deliver to you — what you need and want to reach your goals — so you will return to our pages. Just like your new members, I bring with me plenty of excitement, hopes and goals for this publication. I have the privilege of taking over a tremendously challenging and exciting role previously held by John Agoglia, who helped to lead this magazine through a major transition this summer that culminated with the launch of our renamed, redesigned and refocused Fitness Business Pro magazine.

I've had an interest in fitness since I was in high school and took my first aerobics class (yes, that's way back when we still called it aerobics) using a Jane Fonda video (I hope that doesn't date me too much either). I still prefer group fitness (mostly Pilates) or walking to lifting weights or jogging, but since starting on this magazine two and a half years ago, I've learned how important variety is to sticking with an exercise routine, and I've expanded my workouts accordingly just as I've expanded my knowledge about this industry and fitness in general.

When I first joined the publication, I felt privileged to be working in an industry that had such a profound effect on people's health and lives. I read everything I could about the industry and learned from John, our advisory board members, our columnists, the gyms I visited, the industry shows that I attended and the people I interviewed for each feature and news item. Those contacts only confirmed my first instinct that this industry is full of enthusiastic and dedicated people who want to positively change people's lives.

Our staff is also enthusiastic and dedicated. We are out in the industry talking to people and discerning what trends lie ahead so we can help you anticipate your next move. We have some of the big thinkers in the fitness industry — Gregory Florez, Bruce Carter, Michael Scott Scudder, Bob Esquerre, Glenn Colarossi — writing for us each month, along with a wonderful advisory board (listed on this page) that we call upon regularly. Together with them, our staff will continue to be a guide for you as you deal with business and management issues.

How we share this information with you stretches beyond the magazine. We have a vast group of resources available to you — from our shows (Club Industry East and Club Industry) to our Web site and our e-newsletter. This year the magazine will feature several exclusive surveys on salaries, purchasing power, insurance coverage, cost of doing business and member satisfaction that will serve as a resource for you.

Your new members expect a lot from you as they strive to reach their health goals. We know that you expect a lot from us, too, as you strive to meet your business goals. And we plan to deliver, just as I know that you will deliver for your members over the next year.

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