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Bring Em Back for More

Lifestyle programming for your members is a great way to get results and keep your members coming back for more. Mix your nutritionist with regular personal training, some lifestyle coaching and the added benefit of spa services and the list of benefits is unbeatable.


Let's face it, everyone is conscious about their weight. Many of our members go to the gym to keep their weight down in proportion to their height. Creating opportunities in the spa to reinforce healthy lifestyle choices for weight management can be easy. Contouring services like herbal body wraps, alginate-based hydrotherapy and toning Vichy showers enhance hard-to-manage areas such as the inner and outer thighs, upper legs and tummy. Homecare products used afterwards with slimming essential oils for self-application and bathing adds to the effectiveness of the overall treatment. When experienced in a series, contouring services can be enjoyable and effective, especially when combined with diet and exercise.


A seasonal detox program can welcome in the new season in a healthful way by cleaning out the lymph system. Not only is it great to give your digestive system a rest, but it is healthful for the organs and the skin. While members can adjust their workout routine to assist with the process, the spa can also come in handy in assisting with the cleansing process. Clay packs stimulate circulation, cleanse the lymph system and draw toxins out of the pores. Algae wraps that use Mylar sheeting to cocoon the active ingredients and create heat are also useful for detoxifying the system. Your spa might consider offering a full-day package that features a deeply cleansing facial, lymphatic drainage massage, one cleansing body therapy and a water treatment. Offer fresh juice and broth throughout the day and allow the member to enjoy a session with a personal trainer and some time with your nutritionist. You could go so far as to offer a series of six sessions or encourage the member to partake in such renewal sessions on a monthly basis.


For members who only come to your club to work out, shower and go home, a day at the spa can be a relaxing variation from aerobics and weightlifting. This package could include time with a trainer to discuss how to break up their routine and explore other forms of movement and self-care. The softer-based movements such as Nia, BodyFlow, Pilates and yoga are often ignored by the hard-core step class crowd. Combining some core stabilization work, nutrition, a soft movement class along with an aromatherapy massage, spa pedicure, herbal facial and a steam canopy treatment can give a regular member a whole new perspective on the club.

If your club already has a spa and you aren't tying it directly into other club classes, personal training or aquatics, you are missing a sizeable opportunity for revenue. Your membership base is a captive audience. Don't allow your spa to merely occupy a part of your floor plan. Tie in opportunities for the club to serve the member completely.

Melinda Minton is a spa consultant and health and beauty expert in Fort Collins, CO. She is the founder of The Spa Association, which is dedicated to enriching the professional beauty industry through self-regulation, education and sound business practices.

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