Are You My Type?

Learn how to find the right personalities for your club with this exclusive Web supplement to May's "Employees Only" feature.

Type A, B, C and D personalities and their traits

Type A: The Director Personality
According to Bert Zinkand, director of Employee Selection and Development Inc. (ESDI), most club owners fall under this category. This type of personality works well with B and C types, and dislikes D types.

· entrepreneurial sprit
· independent
· concerned with results
· usually has a sense of urgency
· self-motivated
· takes action
· enjoys challenges
· decisive
· is willing to take risks
· does not get bogged down in details
· persistent
· usually handles stress well

· can be too demanding
· often dominating and controlling
· lacks tact and diplomacy
· has a tendency not to listen
· few close personal relationships
· usually stubborn

Recognition Factors
· work area is typically formal, neat and often “cold” in appearance
· desk keeps you at arm’s length distance
· work area gives little information about their personal life
· direct and to the point
· bottom-line oriented

Type B: The Socializer Personality
Many sales staff fall under this category, says Zinkand, as well as Type Ds. These people work well with A types, but usually dislike C types.

· creative and artistic
· high energy level
· enthusiastic
· outgoing
· innovative
· stimulating and motivating
· fun to work with
· enjoys selling and persuading activities
· excellent communication skills
· personable
· approachable
· flexible on rules and regulations


· usually disorganized
· needs direction to be consistent
· often unrealistic and impractical
· poor at giving instructions or directions
· easily side-tracked, goes off on tangents
· impulsive with people and ideas
· relies on hunches
· opinionated without emphasizing facts
· often reacts emotionally

Recognition Factors
· greets you enthusiastically
· work area is typically cluttered
· close physical distance is preferred
· active and expressive body movements
· work area contains personal information (photos of family, etc.)
· leans forward when talking
· likes to talk about family or personal life
· friendly and open
· dress is fashionable and often wears jewelry

Type C: The Thinker Personality
Administrative staffs often fall under this category, as well as type C, says Zinkand. There may be conflicts between Cs and Bs.

· consistent
· hard worker
· organized and systematic
· good at follow-through
· good at planning and researching
· good at following rules and procedures
· serious
· analytical
· detail-oriented
· compassionate
· good listener

· can be overly critical
· often lacks enthusiasm
· can be overly cautious
· perfectionist at details to a fault
· sometimes lacks sense of urgency
· difficulty making decisions
· inflexible
· poor at communication and humor
· needs structure and a sense of direction

Recognition Factors
· neat, well-organized work area
· greets your formally, without enthusiasm
· dress and work area is conservative
· shows little emotion
· few facial expressions
· analyzes things before speaking
· writes things down and takes notes
· wants lots of facts, figures and details

Type D: The Supporter Personality
According to Zinkand, both administrative and sales staff tend to be Type Ds. Usually Ds and As don’t work well together.

· low-keyed
· likeable and caring
· makes friends easily
· good team member
· loves structured and repetitive jobs
· cooperative
· good listener and mediator
· recognizes needs of others
· dependable
· tactful and diplomatic
· excellent at creating processes and procedures
· organized
· patient
· good perseverance

· lacks a sense of urgency
· does not take risks
· does not like change
· motivated more by others than self
· often slow to react
· conforms to others likes and needs
· does not trust own abilities
· avoids conflict rather than facing it
· concerned with security

Recognition Factors
· photos of loved ones in the work area
· greets you warmly, but unenthusiastically
· is interested in you as a person
· facial expressions show interest
· easygoing and slow paced
· agreeable, wants to please you
· people and service-oriented
· transparent emotions and feelings

Courtesy Employee Selection and Development Inc. (ESDI) and its director, Bert Zinkand. For details, visit

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