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Management Software and Services

Our Internet software has all the tools you'll need for success.

Aphelion's Internet Software is designed for one mission — to allow club managers to make better decisions through an integrated view of their club operations. Aphelion provides tools to gain new members and improve member retention, to monitor inventory and employee time, and to optimize facility use.

Aphelion's newest generation of Internet software provides comprehensive club management capabilities and adds unparalleled connectivity for your members. Complete with a member information center, join-on-line, guest pass, corporate Internet sales, and a unique loyalty and member rewards program, the software enhances member retention. The Internet software delivers all of the capabilities of the desktop software that Aphelion is known for but adds Web scheduling, corporate dashboard for off-site managers, surveys and exercise tracking. Aphelion provides comprehensive software that works right out of the box. No worries, just smiles! A variety of system configurations balances affordability with comprehensive, proven capabilities.

Of course, every fitness software company claims their software “does the most” and “is the best.” So whom do you believe? All we ask is for you to test our software demo. Why not call today? 800-324-9800.

A Better Way to Outsource Billing

Our new Managed Data Services (MDS) provides a new approach to outsource billing. Using our Internet software, we can help manage your billing accurately, efficiently and in real time. It combines the best of locally installed software, outsourced billing services, and skilled back office staff to augment your own, to provide the ultimate combination of billing services and software. With MDS you're in control, but the normally mundane tasks of billing and other “back office” operations are run by Aphelion experts remotely. Using our exclusive system, we work with the same data as you do — online. And you are spared overhead costs, training time and expense, and the inevitable turnover of your own staff. And with MDS you don't worry that the billing isn't going out because of vacations or illness. The MDS system is affordable since Aphelion staff can run the billing, decline processing and member follow-up for your club for less than you can hire your own staff. Since all funds settle directly into your account, float is reduced. And with discounts on EFT fees and merchant rates, it could actually cost less than you're spending now.

30-Minute Response Guarantee

Nothing is more frustrating than having your system down and the feeling of being stranded.

But if you ever need tech support (and you probably won't), you'll usually speak with a tech rep immediately. If not, we guarantee you'll receive a response within 30-minutes.

No other software company offers such a powerful guarantee.


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Are you turning into more of a bill collector and less of a club owner?

For the cost of a part-time employee you can put ASF to work for you. The SmartLink system allows club owners to break free from static revenue and start running their club with a new perspective and increased net profits.

SmartLink is a one-source service designed to streamline your operations and increase your net profits by integrating the most important aspects of your business such as payment processing, marketing, and member and business management. As an ASF client, you'll have access to the most efficient payment processing, the most advanced technological products and the best marketing programs in the industry. The following is just a sampling of the many programs available from ASF.

EFT and Billing

  • Immediate follow-up of past due accounts.

  • Follow-up on past due accounts to maintain electronic method of payment.

  • Reduction of membership cancellations.

  • Member renewal program.

  • Digital contract storage and retrieval.

  • Professional and courteous service to your members.


  • ClubPRO 3000® club management software with member integration.

  • ClubPRO 3000® online member and business management.

  • Online member payment center.

  • Fingerprint scanning.

  • Membership cards.

  • Point-of-sale.

  • Free training and support.


  • Interactive referral programs.
  • Renewal and retention programs.
  • Custom design and marketing.
  • Brand development.
  • E-cards.
  • E-newsletter templates.
  • Pass A Friend® interactive referral program.
  • TrialBOX® program.
  • Web sites.
  • Direct mail services.

The best part about SmartLink integration is that once implemented, club owners find they have more time to focus sales. So get out of the back office and grow your business. Call us today.

ASF International - The distinct approach to club management

ASF International

640 Plaza Drive, Suite 300
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Phone: 800-227-3859

Hard Work Pays Off for Club Owners

Manage your club, connect to your members and increase your profits like never before.

Focus on Running a Great Club
(While Conexion Runs Your Back Office)

The world's leading health club chains, multi-location managers and single facility operators rely on Conexion to keep their businesses running smoothly and profitably.

It's easy to see why. With Conexion's reliable and easy-to-use club management software, EFT and billing applications, you'll get the maximum financial benefit from your memberships.

Plus, no one knows clubs better than Conexion. When you install our systems, we'll be with you every step of the way. For training, support and unique operational insights, you can count on Conexion.

Why not take Conexion for a complimentary workout? Contact us and our club management specialists will put one of our demos through its paces for you.

With Conexion in action as a partner, you can finally relax and concentrate completely on your programs, your members and building your business.

Conexion Knows What Matters Most to Club Managers

Conexion software is installed in more than 700 locations across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Whether you run a single club or multiple locations, we'll give you …

  • Pinpoint analysis of your club's profit centers

  • Improved cash flow through accurate and consistent billing and collections

  • More effective cost control

  • Vital membership data you need for successful retention programs

The bottom line is Conexion helps you get the most out of your investments in equipment, programs, marketing and sales — and employee performance.

While there's many business management systems out there, only Conexion has the kind of club-specific experience you need.

When you call or e-mail our club specialists, you'll talk to someone who has owned, operated or managed a club. Plus, you can contact our support staff 24/7.

Club Management Software from the Experts in the Business

Our technology roots run deep in the fitness industry, and our staff has dedicated itself to providing club owners with unmatched club management software — for more than a decade.

Addressing the needs of your front desk, sales, back-office and management employees, our software is a powerful combination of tools and reports that enable you to efficiently and effectively run your business.

When you choose to operate your club with our software, you get:

  • The most robust and easy-to-use software in the industry

  • Access to all of your data in forms that suit you best

  • 24/7 phone and e-mail technical support

Conexion's club management software is in a constant state of research and development to proactively meet the growing needs of the industry — so we grow as you grow.

Increase Your Cash Flow (and Reduce Costs) Like Never Before

Let Conexion manage all of your receivables so you can focus on what you do best — operating a great fitness club.

Members join fitness clubs for personal reasons; don't let issues with monthly dues impede keeping great relationships. By outsourcing your receivables management to Conexion, you can emphasize the positive club nature and keep your members happy with you.

Plus, you will relieve yourself and your employees of those cumbersome operational and bookkeeping tasks. Cut down on your costs, your headaches and your risk. Streamline your billing, keep your data accurate, and let us do the dirty work by automating your billing procedures.

We'll process, service, administrate and collect your receivables. Our billing programs interface seamlessly with our software — and your merchant accounts process all major credit cards. What could be easier than that?

Conexion LLC

23 Fontana Lane, Suite 111, Baltimore, MD 21237
Phone: 410-780-0100; 800-780-0115
Fax: 410-780-3085

Are You Entertaining?

BroadcastVision provides a complete palette of exercise entertainment solutions that are key to the success of your club.

  • Personal Cardio Entertainment Screens
  • ORBIT FM and 900 MHz Wireless
  • Fitness Arcade Xpress
  • Digital Signage and Messaging

In today's world, people need and expect to have entertainment and information media as an available amenity in their health club. BroadcastVision's Personal Cardio Entertainment Screens and ORBIT Wireless systems make the exercise experience more enjoyable with audiovisual programs that enable your members to achieve their exercise goals by completing and repeating their regimens.

With our modular and customizable Fitness Arcade Xpress, clubs have an opportunity to increase family membership sales, create exercise programs for childhood and adult obesity, promote competitive workout contests and increase personal training sales. The interactive video game exercise circuit in Fitness Arcade Xpress has a wide appeal to not only youth, but to people of all ages who respond and welcome this new, unconventional way to exercise.

Give your club the “WOW” factor with powerful, invigorating visual displays and dynamic digital signage that communicate information and entertainment. With our 37 inch, 40 inch and 45 inch professional LCD displays and digital messaging signs, you can strengthen club branding and market all your facility amenities and services.


5126 Clareton Dr., Suite 160, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone: 800-770-9770; 818-879-9780
Fax: 818-879-9790

Club Management Systems from CSI Software

CSI Software has been developed specifically for the fitness industry. For more than 20 years, we've listened to our customers, developed solutions and enhanced our products to meet the evolving requirements of this dynamic industry. CSI allows you to manage membership, employees, accounting, scheduling and fitness in a database that can be accessed by a single club or a group of clubs via a local or wide-area network or the Internet.

Managing membership and accounting are two basic club management operations. The relationship of this data to employees, facility schedules, membership sales, attendance and retention provides managers with the information to make timely decisions in order to profitably influence their club's bottom line. CSI's products are completely integrated so that this information is available in one source. Reports are complete, comparisons are meaningful and decisions can be based on reliable information.

The Internet Age has provided new opportunities to deliver powerful software products that are easy to operate, quick to respond and simple to maintain at a fraction of the cost normally associated with these types of products. The software and data are located at a data center, and the software users can run it over the Internet. Members can inquire into activities, class/program/facility schedules and their account from any PC with Internet access. Programs can be booked, courts reserved and classes enrolled at any hour of the day or night. CSI maintains the software, backs up the data and continually enhances the products for the user. It is the best of both worlds. You have continual access to your data and complete control of your financial schedule. CSI provides technical and operational support. You don't need to maintain a fileserver, a network or on-site technical support. The software is continually enhanced so you don't have to deal with upgrades and system changes.

CSI can provide software, implementation, hardware and ongoing support for your club or wellness operation. Call for demonstration information or log on to our Web site for an informative view of our products.

CSI Software

3120 Southwest Freeway, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 800-247-3431
Fax: 713-942-7731

Diesel Pulse Cardiovascular

Freedom to Move

Diesel Fitness Equipment is dedicated to producing the highest quality cardiovascular and strength-training products in the industry. Since Diesel's inception, it has continued to grow in the fitness equipment market and is proud to announce that its strength-training equipment is now manufactured in the United States. Diesel Fitness Equipment has revised its Turbo Strength units and continues to raise the bar for aesthetic appeal, functionality and durability. In addition, the new Diesel Pulse Cardiovascular incorporates technology not available from any other cardio provider.

Through extensive research, with a focus on modern living and mobile lifestyles, the Pulse Freedom line by Diesel has identified the need to offer flexible solutions to both gyms and gym users.

Concurrently, Diesel has a tradition for exceeding customers' expectations as it strives for the highest level of product innovation, quality and reliability. As a result, any new products must deliver comfort and performance based on industry standards and proven technology.

The Pulse Freedom line by Diesel is tough, intelligent and beautifully designed, balancing radical innovation with engineering integrity. Form follows function in the most technologically advanced range of cardiovascular fitness equipment yet created. The Pulse Freedom line aims to deliver a totally new workout experience.

Diesel's cardiovascular line offers entertainment for users with wirefree technology. The Pulse Freedom line features integrated wire-free TFT television screens that require no plugs or cables, giving total freedom to the operator. The line includes recumbent and upright cycles, a stepper and an elliptical trainer with similar technology available for Diesel's low-impact treadmill.

The positioning of the units within the fitness arena is now more straightforward as self-powered video screens eliminate the need for external power sources ensuring complete reliability and ease of installation. In addition, facilities will experience significant cost savings on electric structural installation and ongoing utility bills.

The Pulse Freedom line has been designed to accept the new Smart Card technology. This card enables members to monitor their performance during their workout and feeds this information back to the gym. The information collected by the card provides usage patterns both for the gym as a whole and also on specific pieces of equipment. This knowledge affords you the ability to personalize your facility for individual members by adding more of the equipment they use.

These are just some of the features that are offered by the new Diesel Pulse Freedom line. Diesel has continued its tradition of bringing truly innovative products to the fitness market, and the new Pulse Freedom line continues that heritage. To learn more, log on to To reserve your units now call 1-866-256-0131 or e-mail

Diesel Fitness Equipment

6545 Nova Drive, Suite 207, Davie, FL 33317
Phone: 866-256-0131
Fax: 954-920-9676

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

Since 1934, Fair Finance has established itself as a leader in contract factoring and accounts receivable management.

With more than 70 years of experience, Fair Finance has developed “Contract Factoring” programs that can be adapted to fit the special needs of each health and fitness club.

Our programs unlock your portfolio's cash flow potential by converting a stream of monthly installments into a capital infusion — capital you can use for new equipment, advertising, renovations, acquisitions or other growth initiatives.

Receivable Management

With Fair Finance as your company's “Accounts Receivable Manager,” we can remove the guesswork from contract management.

During our 70-year history, we have perfected the art of contract servicing and have expanded our programs to make contract ownership easier for you and your club members.

All of our programs offer low, all-inclusive fees and up-front pricing to keep your budget more consistent.

Our solid commitment to courteous service and accurate reporting will reflect positively on your organization and your customers.

Call us today to learn more about how we can strengthen your business.

  • Experienced member billing and collections

  • We can buy your membership contracts withcontract factoring

  • On-line portfolio access and reporting

  • We can buy blocks of your portfolio through bulkpurchasing

  • Comprehensive front desk member management software

  • No minimum volume requirements or start-up fees

  • Fast funding

  • and much more

Fair Finance

Phone: 800-735-3247
Fax: 866-FAX-FAIR

Life Fitness' Products Offer Many Benefits

LCD family of entertainment solutions and new equipment offer multitude of benefits to facilities and users.

Life Fitness recently introduced a number of new products that offer benefits to facilities and users alike.

LCD Entertainment Family

Life Fitness' family of LCD entertainment solutions is ideal for fitness facilities wishing to provide users with cardiovascular machines equipped with personal entertainment. From a highly advanced Life Fitness integrated touch screen to a universal stand system for any brand of cardio equipment, Life Fitness' line of attractive LCD solutions provides the widest variety of entertainment options for cardio equipment that's new or already in use. Whatever the facilities' needs, Life Fitness has the LCD entertainment solution to help them attract and retain exercisers who value an enhanced workout experience and who want to differentiate themselves from other facilities.

The LCD entertainment family comprises an enhanced integrated LCD screen solution that's standard on Life Fitness e-model cardio products, two attachable LCD screen solutions for use with select new Life Fitness equipment, and a stand-based system that's compatible with previous-generation Life Fitness and non-Life Fitness cardio machines. Each offers TV-quality video on a large, 12.1-inch screen and many features that can be customized by the facility or individual user.

Ab Crunch Bench

Life Fitness' new Ab Crunch Bench is designed so users can perform abdominal crunches with unparalleled ease and effectiveness. With its patent-pending AbCam System, the Ab Crunch Bench allows exercisers to perform an effective, natural crunch movement that maximizes abdominal contraction. Simple to use, the Ab Crunch Bench doesn't require users to make any adjustments or perform additional steps to start exercising, and an integrated weight horn lets exercisers add resistance. The bench also incorporates aesthetically pleasing attributes from other Life Fitness strength products, including flat oval tubing and contoured cushions, as well as Life Fitness' renowned durability.

91X Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer

The 91X total-body elliptical cross-trainer has an elliptical feel proven popular among exercisers, giving fitness facilities a new option to attract and retain exercisers with varying elliptical cross-training preferences. With the addition of the 91X, Life Fitness' industry-leading line of elliptical cross-trainers provides the best variety of elliptical paths, stride lengths, feature sets and personal entertainment options to meet the unique needs of a facility's exercisers.

Cable Motion Pieces

Life Fitness' Cable Motion single station Chest Press, Pulldown, Row and Shoulder Press boast a new, contemporary design that complements Life Fitness' Signature Series and Multi-Jungle products so facilities can easily create a unified look with their existing Life Fitness equipment.

Life Fitness

5100 River Rd., Schiller Park, IL 60176
Phone: 800-634-8637
Fax: 847-288-3703
Web site:

All New Matrix T3x Treadmill

Durability and best-in-class value — all wrapped into a sleek, contemporary package.

The all new Matrix MX-T3x is everything you want in a top-of-the-line treadmill, without the top-of-the-line price. From the 3.0 hp club-rated drive system to the Ultimate maintenance-free deck to the vibrant 7-inch blue backlit screen, this treadmill is loaded with features. The T3x sets a new standard in commercial cardio equipment. The robust 3.0 hp JID motor includes a five-year warranty.

Ultimate Hard-Wax

Deck Our proprietary Ultimate Hard-Wax Deck System uses wax with a melting point three times higher than a conventional waxed deck. Because our wax melting point is so much higher, the wax stays where it is needed and does not migrate away from the walking area. This leads to a significantly longer deck and belt life. The reduced friction also extends the life of other critical components because of the lower amp draw with a lower friction deck. Because the Hard Wax doesn't migrate, it's not necessary to reapply wax to this deck. It's truly a maintenance-free deck. The Ultimate deck is reversible, so after significant use when a new belt is required, you can extend deck life simply by flipping it over.

Contemporary Industrial Design

Like all Matrix products, design isn't an afterthought with the T3x. In the 21st century, products must be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Facilities around the world are realizing the importance of differentiating through design. Clubs benefit financially either through increased membership, premium rates, or both. By making great design affordable, Matrix Fitness is your best choice to achieve your facility's fiscal goals.

Matrix Fitness Systems

430 South CP Ave., P.O. Box 740
Lake Mills, WI 53551
Phone: 866-693-4863; Fax: 920-648-6101

59 Million Americans Suffer from Back Pain Now Your Facility Can Offer a Solution

Turn 300 square feet into a new profit center with the Core Spinal Fitness Systems by MedX.

Eight out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. This means at any given time 20 percent of the population is in pain. Now you can be the solution to their problem with the Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX. You have the opportunity to increase your revenues and improve retention by truly making a difference in your members' lives.

The Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX is a medically based spine strengthening program. The system consists of five machines designed to improve strength, stability, flexibility and endurance of the body's core muscles, the core set of 29 muscles that support the integrity of the spine and hips. Our patented machines are like no other equipment in today's market.

Two of the machines, the Core Lumbar Strength and the Core 4-Way Neck, are a direct descent of the world's most technologically advanced medical rehabilitation equipment. MedX has the well-deserved reputation for being the Gold Standard of Treatment for reducing chronic back pain and dysfunction through specific spinal strengthening through their Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines. More than 40 published articles in peer reviewed medical journals prove that our machines reduce and frequently eliminate back pain.

Due to high demand for their patented technology, MedX developed a smaller version of these machines to make the machines more accessible and affordable to health clubs and personal training studios worldwide. When MedX proceeded to design the Ab Isolator, the Torso Rotation and the Super Stretch to complement the other machines, the Core System became complete.

With the Core you'll receive a one-year marketing plan, brochures, artwork for ads and flyers, a PowerPoint presentation, and free ongoing support to ensure your success.


4820 Newberry Rd., Gainesville, FL 32607
Phone: 866-814-0719

Philips HeartStart Defibrillators

Giving you the power to save a life.

Philips, one of the leaders in defibrillation technology with more than 200,000 defibrillators deployed worldwide, offers a portfolio of resuscitation products and solutions to help rescuers treat the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest — wherever it occurs — quickly and effectively.

Philips HeartStart Defibrillators are located in a wide range of settings, including office buildings, industrial complexes, hospitals, airports and airplanes, resorts, fitness centers, shopping malls and educational facilities.

The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is the newest member of the HeartStart family of Defibrillators. The FRx is designed to be easy-to-use, rugged and reliable for those who get there first.


3000 Minuteman Rd., Andover, MA 01810
Phone: 800-934-7372

Train with the Best

Introducing the new Polar F11.

Voted as the Best of Fitness Gear for 2005 by Health Magazine based on ease of use, quality and innovation. Featuring the exclusive Keeps U Fit workout program — the perfect motivator.

To see the entire line of Polar fitness heart rate monitors, visit or call 1-800-290-6330 x 3092 for more information about how Polar can help change the way you train.


1111 Marcus Ave., Suite M15
Lake Success, NY 11042-1034
Phone: 800-290-6330 ext. 3092
Fax: 516-364-5454

Scientific Solutions for Your Total Body

Each of SCIFIT's total body machines provides a complete strength and cardio workout.

Comfort and Natural Stride — SXT7000

The SXT7000 Total Body Elliptical delivers a smooth, comfortable workout. The stride combined with the upper body movement feels natural and gets your heart pumping. The patented Bio-Flex pivoting foot beds effectively minimize foot stress and ankle strain. The Tele-Rail telescoping rail system allows the SXT7000 to fit in the same space as a recumbent bike without sacrificing stride length. Pedal in reverse and then change directions again without changing your program with SCIFIT's bi-directional resistance. Use the ISO-Strength mode for more challenging workouts. The SXT7000 is an essential part of SCIFIT's Fit-Quik® 30-minute workout. The SXT7000, like all SCIFIT products, is Fit-Key ready.

Total Body for Every Body — PROII®

From elite athletes to the “not yet fit,” almost anyone can benefit from the PROII All Body. Adjustable crank arms and fully adjustable seat with gas-assisted lift make it easy to get the proper fit and position. The PROII is ADA compliant, and the seat is removable for wheelchair access. Entering and exiting the PROII is easy with step-through access and swivel seat. The PROII is as versatile as it is functional. It can be used as an upper body exerciser, a recumbent bike or a total-body conditioner. The bi-directional resistance allows users to exercise multiple muscle groups. The easy-to-read computer lets you increase resistance in 0.1 increments for 200 levels of resistance and provides six programmed workouts including one-touch quick start, heart rate control and ISO-Strength. The PROII is Fit-Key ready.

Versatile, Fun and Easy to Use — RST7000

The RST7000 is versatile and easy to use for all body, upper-body or lower-body-only, low-impact training. Step-through access allows easy and safe entry for all users. With 200 levels of computer-controlled resistance, the RST7000 is great for all fitness levels and users up to 450 lbs. SCIFIT's unique ISO-Strength program is perfect for interval and strength training. The RST7000 is ADA compliant and the comfortable seat is removable for wheelchair access. A fully adjustable seat with gas-assisted lift and swivel is optional. The RST7000 is Fit-Key ready.


5151 S. 110th E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146
Phone: 800-278-3933; 918-359-2000
Fax: 918-359-2012

The Next Big Thing

SportsArt Fitness introduces the first dual-action cardio machine with independent shift on the fly upper and lower body resistance for a superior workout.

SportsArt's multiple innovations provide a new generation of cardio products designed to deliver more effective and efficient workouts for the user, and superior value and longevity for the facility. With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing excellence to their credit, SportsArt is firmly established as one of the world's premier fitness brands. Their breakthrough innovations position them as a technical and performance leader in commercial cardio products.

The latest example of industry changing innovation from SportsArt Fitness is the X-Trainer. The new total body workout machine features independent lower and upper body resistance. The X-Trainer combines the best features of a treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike in one machine to give you a total body workout beyond comparison. University testing states, “The X-Trainer does appear to meet the marketing claims that it provides a better overall body workout when exercising at similar energy cost workloads as the recumbent cycle, treadmill and dual action elliptical trainer. If muscle recruitment is an important goal of a workout, the X-Trainer offers this advantage.”

Rotational handles provide a variety of training options and include fingertip controls for both lower and upper body resistance. The state-of-the-art display features advanced programmability, polar heart rate control and cardio advisor. A reclining seat back and easy step through design make it the perfect fit for users of all sizes. The X-Trainer from SportsArt Fitness really is the next big thing.

SportsArt Fitness

19510 144th Ave. NE, Suite A-1
Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone: 425-481-9479; Fax: 425-488-8155

Total Body for Every Body - PROII®

From elite athletes to the “not yet fit,” almost anyone can benefit from the PROII All Body. Adjustable crank arms and fully adjustable seat with gas-assisted lift make it easy to get the proper fit and position. The PROII is ADA compliant, and the seat is removable for wheelchair access. Entering and exiting the PROII is easy with step-through access and swivel seat. The PROII is as versatile as it is functional. It can be used as an upper body exerciser, a recumbent bike or a total-body conditioner. The bi-directional resistance allows users to exercise multiple muscle groups. The easy-to-read computer lets you increase resistance in .1 increments for 200 levels of resistance and provides six programmed workouts including one-touch quick start, heart rate control and ISO-Strength. The PROII is Fit-Key ready.

SCIFIT also produces high-quality commercial

  • Treadmills
  • Upright and Recumbent Bikes
  • Climbers
  • Recumbent Steppers
  • Upper Body Exercisers
  • Ellipticals

Versatile, Fun and Easy to Use — RST7000

The RST7000 is versatile and easy to use for all body, upper- body or lower-body-only, low-impact training. Step-through access allows easy and safe entry for all users. With 200 levels of computer-controlled resistance, the RST7000 is great for all fitness levels and users up to 450 lbs. SCIFIT's unique ISO-Strength program is perfect for interval and strength training. The RST7000 is ADA compliant and the comfortable seat is removable for wheelchair access. A fully adjustable seat with gas-assisted lift and swivel is optional. The RST7000 is Fit-Key ready.


5151 S. 110th E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74146
toll-free phone: 800-278-3933
phone: 918-359-2000
fax: 918-359-2012

Maintenance/Cleaning Products Specifically for Health Clubs

Protect your precious gym equipment, saunas, steam rooms and spa facilities with the right cleaning product.

Spa Partners, one of America's leading suppliers of locker room amenities, launches the ChemSpa Maintenance Products Range for health clubs.

For superior health club maintenance, take the Spa Partners' four — question challenge.

  1. Is your cleaner killing germs while being human friendly?
  2. Is your cleaner gentle to your precious infrastructure?
  3. Does your cleaner help to preserve your facilities for years to come?
  4. In short, is your cleaner the correct product for your valuable gym equipment, sauna or steam room?

Take the guesswork out of health club maintenance with the ChemSpa range of cleaning products.

A sampling of the ChemSpa line is as follows:

Area Product
Sauna Sauna Kleena
Steam room Steam Kleena
Sun beds Sun Bed Kleena
Gym equipment and mats Swipe
Showers etc. Blast — heavy duty cleaner, shiner
Showers etc. Zap — germicidal cleaner
Carpets Karpet Kare
Laundry room Bright

Prices are as low as $3.25 per gallon as used.

Buy directly from a manufacturer with more than 30 years of health club industry experience, guaranteeing superior service, quality and price. Spa Partners has warehouses in New Jersey and Arizona and offers free shipping for all orders over $400.

Spa partners

22 DeForest Ave.
East Hanover, NJ 07030
Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 800-243-6772
Fax: 973-386-9055

Company Background

Spa Partners is the country's leading supplier of locker room amenities with more than 30 years of experience. We offer three main product types: personal care, aroma and maintenance products. From Spa Sport Shower Gel to eucalyptus steam room aroma to steam room and sauna cleaners, we provide the health club industry's widest selection.

SportsArt Fitness

SportsArt's multiple innovations provide a new generation of fitness equipment designed to deliver more effective and efficient workouts for the user, and superior value and longevity for the facility. With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing excellence to its credit, SportsArt is firmly established as one of the world's premier fitness brands. Their breakthrough innovations position SportsArt as a technical and performance leader in commercial fitness products.

The X-Trainer (Model Number XT20):

The latest example of industry-changing innovation from SportsArt Fitness is the X-Trainer. An all-new total body workout machine, the X-Trainer combines independent lower and upper body resistance, which has been proven to provide better training results than any other cardio product. Rotational handles provide a variety of training options and include fingertip controls for both lower and upper body resistance. The state-of-the-art display features advanced programmability, Polar heart rate control and cardio advisor.


19510 144th Ave. NE, Suite A-1
Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone: 800-709-1400; 425-481-9479
Fax: 425-488-8155

Company Background

Founded in 1977, SportsArt Industrial is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high — quality cardiovascular exercise equipment for health clubs, commercial facilities and consumers.

Distribution in more than 70 countries worldwide has allowed SportsArt to garner significant market share of the international specialty fitness market. A strong commitment to product innovation has firmly established SportsArt as an industry leader.


The new 108 CM VersaClimber now features a reduced step height of just 10 inches to effectively decrease the workload by 50 percent, to better replicate total-body stair stepping and to enable all level exercisers to reap the benefits of vertical training. This model allows for more upper-body motion with travel up to 27 inches for an increased range of motion and greater flexibility. The 108 CM VersaClimber boasts a new interactive voice module that simplifies getting started and provides valuable instructions and motivational feedback, such as, “Good job. You're almost to the top,” to ensure that exercisers maintain the appropriate intensity level to sustain their workouts and achieve results. Additional inspiration comes in the form of a variety of virtual challenges to select from: opponents, towers and famous mountain peaks — all depicted on a back-lit, bright console.

The all new VersaClimber 108 SM is designed to provide the most complete total-body, non-impact workout available. Features include a new interactive voice module that simplifies getting started and provides valuable instructions and motivational feedback. With a natural upward climb motion, the 108 SM is the ideal sport-specific vertical trainer. It was designed to increase and enhance an athlete's overall fitness stamina by providing a wider range of step height travel — for example a 2-inch to 20-inch step range with unlimited speed attributes. The new 108 SM was designed to allow for a complete full-body, non-impact workout while integrating aerobic and anaerobic interval training programs into a current cardio-training regiment.


3190-E Airport Loop
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: 800-237-2271; 714-850-9716
Fax: 714-755-4973

Company Background:

A proven and trusted leader in total body fitness, VersaClimbers products have been made proudly in the United States for 23 years; VersaClimber, VersaPulley, 1-2-3 Heart Rate Monitors and now cardio and strength equipment use patented vibration technology.


Health club professionals designed club management software to help you manage your facility more efficiently.

Since 1985 ClubRunner has strived to provide the best tools for managing your fitness center. Understanding your members' needs and responding to them is crucial to any successful operation. ClubRunner's powerful tools, Front Desk messages, Mail Merge, E-mail, Direct Link Letters and Contact Scheduler can make the difference.

The powerful reporting module enables daily, weekly and yearly transaction reports to be printed at the click of a button. Billing your members in ClubRunner is seamless and automated and reports can be produced for any period of time.

Fully integrated Point of Sale and Inventory allows you to control your stock levels and retail sales and flag you when inventory levels reach the reorder point. Reports are produced to aid the weekly stock check and show the most profitable items.

The fully integrated Guest Tracking System helps track non-member use of the club, offers mail merge capabilities for marketing letters, and features alarms to remind your salespeople of calls or appointments. When guests become members, their information is merged directly into the members' database without having to duplicate work. Standard reports track your sales success and the activity of your sales staff.


  • Modules include: Members, guests, utilities, reports, inventory, POS, and front desk

  • EFT generates the billing files from ClubRunner and Chargebacks and declines are automatically updated.

  • Fully Networkable allows you to use ClubRunner as a single, stand-alone system or to support an extensive network.

  • Extensive security levels and internal auditing.

  • Report generation is effortless with a built-in report generator with predefined and user-defined reports. Entry and membership security is tracked using powerful add-on hardware such as barcoded key tags or cards, biometric hand or finger scanning, proximity cards and on-screen photo imaging. The system can support the use of gates, turnstiles and door lock systems.

  • Multiple club facilities can be linked together either via direct connection or data replication.


1080 East Indiantown Rd., Suite 202
Jupiter, FL 33477
Phone: 1-800-554-2582; 561-746-3392; Fax: 561-746-5822

The Fitness Flooring Specialists

Serving the fitness industry since 1983.

For more than 20 years, the name Exerflex has been synonymous with quality fitness flooring for the fitness industry. Our hardwood aerobic floors have been installed in more than 1,000 facilities across North and South America.

But we're about much more than group exercise floors today. We can offer you a safe and long-lasting floor for virtually every room in your facility. Whether it's CV and weight areas, martial arts, spinning, Pilates, basketball, multi-purpose, or wet areas, we can provide you with a surface that's a good value for your money and guaranteed to perform for years to come.

Let us help you find a flooring solution to fit your individual needs.


6801 Lake Plaza, A105, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 800-428-5306 ; Fax: 317-842-5384

EVERLAST Performance Flooring

Extreme durability and comfort for weight rooms, training centers and fitness clubs.

Designed for superior resilience and durability, EVERLAST® floors are the only choice for long-lasting value in fitness and high-performance areas. Available in custom cut roll lengths and tile dimensions to fit any fitness area, choose from over 29 colors to add style and energy to cardio areas, locker rooms, weight rooms, or child care areas. All products are proudly made in the United States from the highest quality recycled rubber.

The ultimate in durability, new EVERLAST Ultra Tiles surpass the noise and shock absorptive capabilities of any other fitness flooring. These full, 1-inch thick tiles feature an elevated “pedestal” underside design to create added comfort and prevent dangerous and unsightly cable clutter by routing fitness equipment wiring beneath the surface. Modular in design, this unique fastening system allows for easy installation as well as the ability to quickly move or reconfigure tiles as desired.

With a rapid response time from just days for standard orders to weeks for custom, EVERLAST Performance Flooring has an expansive service, installation and support network throughout the United States. Contact us today and you'll see why EVERLAST is the market leader in recycled rubber flooring systems in North America.

Dodge-Regupol, Inc.

PO Box 989, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 888-383-7655

Experience the Gerstung Advantage!

Providing solutions for the fitness industry for more than 40 years with our unique line of products and services.

In 1962, Siegfried Gerstung founded Gerstung International Sport Education Inc. as a service organization for instruction in physical education. Today, several facilities and educational systems worldwide have adopted the Gerstung teaching method. Gerstung's founder created an innovative apparatus in his garage to run programs not available to the American market. In 1967, Siegfried Gerstung created Gym-Thing Inc., a small factory and manufacturing company that began selling its unique equipment across the country.

From producing movement and gymnastics equipment, Gerstung went on to create the most resilient aerobic and dance floors in the world. Today, Gym-Thing Inc. distributes Gerstung equipment around the globe. Products include the most complete line of movement education equipment and curriculum, products for cooperative learning, adventure sports, and training devices for all levels of physical education.

In addition, Gerstung's state-of-the-art floor systems provide shock absorbency and resiliency for fitness, aerobics, gymnastics, and dance. Gerstung continues its tradition of innovative designs with its latest product, the Jog'n Shape, a unique rebounding action platform designed for individual or group use.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you to design the perfect solution to your club woes. Our Just Add Kids program is perfect for facilities interested in retaining members by offering children's programs, and our superior flooring products will reduce injuries and chronic pain caused by high-impact exercise. Experience the Gerstung advantage today!


1400 Coppermine Terr., Baltimore, MD 21209
Phone: 410-337-7781

Introduce Your Clients to their Metabolic Fingerprint

Your clients deserve the best in fitness and weight management. In today's world of fast food and fad diets, your clients look to you for the right solution. Now, you can give them the industry's best solution by introducing them to their Metabolic Fingerprint.

The BodyGem® by HealtheTech

A Metabolic Fingerprint is a measurement of your client's unique metabolism using the BodyGem metabolism measurement device. With just a simple breath test in 10 minutes or less, the BodyGem determines your client's resting metabolism, which is the amount of calories burned each day without exercise or activity and accounts for up to 75 percent of their total caloric needs.

Whether your clients' goals are to lose weight, increase strength and physical activity, or training for an event, once you know your clients' Metabolic Fingerprint, you can create a personalized plan tailored for their own bodies' needs.

Incorporating the BodyGem program into your facility not only helps your clients succeed, it will help your business grow to levels you never thought possible! HealtheTech ensures your success by providing the best aftermarket support in the industry. HealtheTech's BodyGem products come with a complete implementation binder, marketing materials and promotional materials to help you promote this offering and attract new business. You will also receive full field support and access to our expert staff of registered dietitians and exercise physiologists.

Order Today!

Call 1-877-310-1200 or visit

HealtheTech Inc.

523 Park Point Drive, 3rd Floor, Golden, CO 80401

K&K Health Club Insurance

Coverage available for health, fitness, racquet and sports clubs.

K&K Insurance understands the concerns club owners face in the day-to-day management of their business. Our program offers a complete package of insurance coverages tailored to the specific risks faced by club operations today. Eligible operations include: exercise and sport clubs, fitness and training centers, gyms, health and wellness clubs, and racquet and tennis clubs.

Coverages and Program Highlights:


  • Newly acquired or constructed building
  • Newly acquired business personal property
  • Ordinance and law
  • Off-premises power failure
  • Water backup of sewers and drains
  • Outdoor signs
  • Outdoor property (trees, shrubs or plants)
  • Property off premises
  • Accounts receivable/valuable papers and records
  • Replacement cost defined
  • Covered property definition redefined
  • Equipment breakdown included

General Liability

  • Admitted or non-admitted basis
  • Broadened coverage form
  • Non-auditable policy
  • No general aggregate
  • Legal liability to participants
  • Limited professional liability extension
  • Liquor liability
  • Limited tanning liability
  • Subcontractors can be added as Additional Insureds
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Stop gap liability

Inland Marine • Crime • Commercial • Auto • Excess Liability

Common associated exposures: Babysitting and child care, diet/weight control, massage therapy, pro/sport shops, personal training, restaurants/lounges, snack/juice bars, spa services, tanning, whirlpools/saunas/steamrooms.

K&K Insurance Group Inc.

1712 Magnavox Way, Ft. Wayne, IN 46804
Phone: 866-554-4636; Fax: 260-459-5800

Web-Based Communications Drive Club Performance

With nearly 500 clients served, MembersFirst is one of the leading providers of interactive Web sites, Member Relationship Management (MRM) software, and outsourced communication management services to the club industry.

The company's flagship MRM software product is an integrated application comprised of a suite of tools that enable the rapid development and effective management of interactive club Web sites and online communications that support member acquisition, activation and retention objectives.

We employ the most innovative technology and techniques to automate membership marketing and sales, online registration, newsletter publishing, calendar management, survey administration, and e-mail communications. We drive your club's top line growth by enhancing your interaction with members, increasing facility usage, and improving the quality and value of membership.

MembersFirst Inc.

321 Commonwealth Rd., Wayland, MA 01778
Phone: 508-653-3399; 866-636-3477
Fax: 508-653-7444

Perform Better's JC Predator

With removable cords so you can adjust the resistance.

Designed so you can use 1, 2, or 3 tubes at a time in each handle. Then you can select a tension appropriate for the exercise and/or for your own ability. The extra large handles allow for easy movement during rotational patterns. The JC Predator is available in two resistance levels. Exercise instructions are included and the JC Predator is shipped with Perform Better's good-as-gold, one-year warranty.

JC Predator is one of a large selection of band and tubing training products shown in the 2005 Perform Better catalog, which is available free.

Perform Better

P.O. Box 8090, Cranston, RI 02920-0090
Phone: 800-556-7464; Fax: 800-682-6950

Power Systems

Since 1986, Power Systems has been setting the standard for innovative and effective fitness products and creative programming for fitness professionals and athletes. The Power Systems staff is comprised of certified personal trainers, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and those with master's degrees in exercise physiology, exercise science, kinesiology and sports medicine. Our experienced group and knowledgeable and educated customer service department enable us to exceed our customer's expectations 100% of the time.

Power Systems, Inc.

2527 Westcott Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37931
Phone: 800-321-6975; Fax: 865-769-3034


Water Heating

The Megatron is a complete prepackaged control station designed to regulate and maintain water temperature for hot water systems in health clubs, parks and other recreational facilities. All stations are furnished factory-assembled and tested with all inlet, outlet and return piping for easy installation. Contact: Leonard Valve Co., 1360 Elmwood Ave., Cranston, RI 02910; phone: 800-222-1208; fax: 401-941-5310; e-mail:;

Functional Training

The TRX System is a functional training system made of durable nylon webbing with comfortable handles, foot attachments for mat work and a single point anchoring system that attaches to any stable overhead structure (such as a cross-member, heavy bag mount, column or door). The system uses leverage and gravity to translate fractional body weight into an infinite range of variable, user-selected resistance levels to provide more than 100 exercises, each of which can be modified to match the user's goals and ability. The system requires 7 feet per station and retails for less than $100. Contact: TravelFit, Inc., 58 West Portal Ave., #108, San Francisco, CA 94127; phone: 415-572-4641; fax: 415-753-2649; e-mail:;

Wall Systems

Predesigned, prefit and “knockdown” perimeter wall display systems are designed primarily for perimeter wall merchandising in pro shops. Each model allows for quick and clean installations with no tools needed for assembly. Walls are designed and manufactured to meet individual merchandising, structural, and aesthetic requirements. Contact: Walls + Forms, P.O. Box 741112, Dallas, TX 75374-112; phone: 972-745-0800; fax: 972-304-8402; e-mail:;


The Athletic-Minded Traveler: Where to Work Out and Stay When Fitness Is a Priority is a resource on the most fitness-focused hotels and best health clubs, lap pools, YMCAs, community centers and local running routes. Authors toured more than 1,100 facilities to make more than 500 recommendations in order to help travelers stay active and healthy. The book includes sidebar charts that detail the number, brand, type and quality of equipment at the recommended fitness venue. Contact: SoCal Publishing, PO Box 33188, San Diego, CA 92163-3188; phone: 877-272-6657;


The Locker Specifiers' Guide provides product information along with detailed product specifications for lockers including standard, heavy-duty, heavy-duty ventilated, all-welded expanded metal, integrated frame all-welded, expanded metal, all-welded, collegiate and specialty lockers. New technology includes an antimicrobial finish that fights bacteria and mold growth on locker surfaces. Contact: Lyon Workspace Products, PO Box 671, Aurora, IL 60507; phone: 800-323-0096; fax: 630-892-5747;

Body Moisturizer

Body Butters were developed for deep moisturizing of the skin. Available in an 8.8-oz. plastic tub for $20, the butters come in seven formulations including moringa, monoi, avocado, sesame, cocoa, shea and olive. Each contains at least 10 percent of the formula's key active ingredient (cocoa butter, shea, etc.). Contact: Fruits & Passion, 21 Paul Gauguin St., Candiac, Quebec, Canada, J5R 3X8; phone: 800-276-9952; fax: 450-638-2430;

Training Ball

The 75 cm Training Ball is designed for people heights 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 7 inches and is made of durable, anti-burst plastic material. The balls can withstand 750 pounds of pressure and stay round during use and feature gripping ridges that provide traction. The ball comes in purple and retails for $30. They are available at most major, independent and speciality sporting goods retailers nationwide. Contact: Harbinger Fitness, 35 Executive Ct., Napa, CA 94558; phone: 800-729-5954; fax: 707-257-5843;

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