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Behind the Scenes
Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp.
Credit for the show floor happy hour at the Club Industry Show on Oct. 25 goes in part to Jennifer Urmston Lowe (far right) and her team at Sports & Fitness Insurance, a long-time supporter of the Club Industry Show and a co-sponsor of the show floor happy hour. The other sponsor is TMI Sustainable Aquatics.

A View of the Club Industry Show from the Trade Show Floor Happy Hour Sponsor

Happy hours are never better than when celebrated at an event where you feel at home. In October, that event and happy hour are at the Club Industry Show.

Jennifer Urmston Lowe, underwriting supervisor, national account manager, and marketing manager for Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp., has always been a big supporter of Club Industry and the Club Industry Show. In fact, she’s such a supporter of the event that her company is sponsoring the show floor happy hour (along with sponsor TMI Sustainable Aquatics) being held at the Club Industry Show from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the exhibit hall of the Hilton Chicago on Oct. 25. (Yes, and when we say happy hour, we mean there will be alcohol.)

Below, Lowe, who also is a founding board member of the Association of Fitness Studios and a member of Women in Fitness Association, shares her thoughts about the Club Industry Show and why you should come to the event--and it goes beyond just getting some free drinks.

“Club Industry has been my favorite fitness event every year for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the fitness industry. My cad, John Urmston, was an industry veteran, and he loved Club Industry from the founding of the show. He let me and my brother come to the show in Chicago with him when we were kids to foster our enthusiasm for fitness. For the past 20 years I have attended Club Industry as a vendor with a booth for our company, Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp. Club Industry is a great event for vendors because it brings together decision makers, influencers and vendors for education in a setting that builds community. Every year Club Industry feels more and more like family.  We care about each other, and we care about helping fitness businesses grow. We come together in Chicago each year to bring knowledge and innovative products to fitness facility owners and fitness professionals. We come away feeling uplifted and rededicated to the cause of improving people’s lives through fitness. We use the contacts that we nurture at Club Industry to help our clients throughout the year. I can’t wait for all of the exciting new events at Club Industry in 2018.”

If you want to chat with Lowe and her team to thank them for sponsoring the happy hour or to find out about insurance for your business, make sure to stop by their booth, No. 400, Oct. 25-26 in the exhibit hall at the Hilton Chicago. Register today by going here.

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