Top Fitness and Wellness Tech at CES 2021

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If you missed the virtual CES 2021, Club Industry has encapsulated some of the input that the media have listed as the top fitness and wellness technology on display at this year’s event, which occurred virtually Jan. 11-14. 

From Business Insider:

Business Insider crowned Ultrahuman as the best fitness tech at CES 2021. The app offers what it brands as master classes to teach people not just about exercise but also about meditation and sleep by connecting them with the expertise of athletes, neuroscientists, artists and psychologists focused on these areas. Many of these experts lead the classes. Some of the master classes include the basics of strength training, training for a marathon and developing a balanced mind. The classes are offered through a variety of subscription options.

From CNet:

CNet noted that CES 2021 showed how much personal training has moved to the home market with equipment offerings. It noted that the growth of Peloton, Mirror and fitness apps during the gym shutdowns has impacted products released by companies such as NordicTrack and Bowflex (although it’s important to note that these products likely have been in production for several years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Bowflex introduced its Bowflex T22 treadmill with a 22-iinch touchscreen and its M9 Max Trainer, which is an elliptical and stairclimber crossover. Both offer Bowflex’s streaming fitness service, JRNY, that offers new users a fitness assessment to determine their cardio level before offering workouts tailored to that level and progressively offering new workout suggestions as the user becomes more fit.

NordicTrack, which is owned by Icon Health & Fitness, introduced the Vault. The Vault is similar to the Mirror and includes a cabinet in which users can store workout accessories, such as mats, resistance bands and dumbbells. Vault users access the iFit workout app to access workouts. (iFit is also owned by Icon.) The article, which was focused on home personal training options, also featured other available home training options such as Mirror, Tonal, Peloton, Echelon Reflect and ProForm Vue.

Another CNet article shared other fitness and wellness products introduced at CES 2021, including Samsung's Smart Trainer, which is offered on its 2021 TVs. By attaching a webcam to the TV, the Samsung Health app uses artificial intelligence to monitor users’ workouts, offer exercise suggestions and encouragement, and even estimate calories burned. Jillian Michaels is the first personal trainer to provide workouts for the TV, although Samsung said it will have another five trainers offering workouts.

Amazfit introduced  its GTR 2e and GTS 2e smartwatches that help users monitor their heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

EVAD-1 from Julbo is eyewear that allows runners to see in their field of view data about their run, such as beat per minute, their pace and speed as well as distance run.

The Bowflex VeloCore indoor bike allows users to lean the bike from side to side so they feel more like they are cycling outdoors. It also offers a library of on-demand workouts through its 22-inch HD touch screen.

From Tech Republic:

YogiFit Series-1 is a smart yoga mat that uses technology embedded in the mat along with a wrist wearable to offer feedback on poses, track breathing, recommend personalized programs and dispense therapeutic aromas.

The Ark Sports wall is an interactive wall that measures 40 feet by five feet, comes with games, exercises and training programs for users, but additional software also allows trainers to design workouts for users and stores workouts so users can track their progress.

From Gadgets and Wearables:

Wondercise now offers a Multi-Point Motion Match personal training system that now tracks both upper and lower body form using a wristband and a leg strap.

Scosche released its Rhythm+ 2.0 heart-rate monitor with 24-hour battery life, a sports mode and sensor upgrades. It can be worn on the upper forearm, biceps or triceps.

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