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Behind the Scenes
Club Industry's brand ambassadors
The 2018 brand ambassadors for Club Industry were: (top row left to right) Michelle Blakely, Luke Carlson, Kurt Gillon, (bottom row left to right) Mike Gelfgot, Suzanne Gray, Tony Maier and Cosmo Wollan.

Thank You to Michelle, Luke, Kurt, Mike, Suzanne, Tony and Cosmo

The fitness industry is full of people who feel the call to give of themselves for the improvement of the industry. We salute seven of those people.

Since I started covering the fitness industry more than 16 years ago, I’ve seen first hand that this industry is full of people who care and go out of their way to help others. That was brought home to me this year with our brand ambassadors. They put in many hours visiting health clubs in their cities to share details about the Club Industry Show, sending out emails to their contacts and posting information about the show to social media. On top of that, they all offered great presentations at this year's event.

And then I went and forgot to thank them publicly at the Club Industry Show for all their hard work! OMG! Mea culpa! Oy vey!

It’s not that any of them complained to me about not being recognized with at least a picture on the screen or a round of applause. That’s how giving and kind they each are. And it’s not that I didn’t appreciate their efforts. Without them, I’m certain we would not have seen the uptick in conference attendance that we experienced. I’ll just have to say that it was a "senior moment."

So I’m now taking this opportunity to offer a public thank you to our 2018 brand ambassadors. If you don't already know them, you should. So take a moment to click on their names to read more about each of their stories. 

Thank you to:

Michelle Blakely, founder and owner of See Jake and Jane Train (Read her Q&A here.)

Luke Carlson, CEO of Discover Strength (Read his Q&A here.)

Mike Gelfgot, franchisee owner of Anytime Fitness (Read his Q&A here.)

Kurt Gillon, fitness coach, special populations for Balance Fit Life Training (Read his Q&A here.)

Suzanne Gray, owner of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness (Read her Q&A here.)

Tony Maier, director of production and growth at Fit Club (Read his Q&A here.)

Cosmo Wollan, senior executive, Synergy Cubed (Read his Q&A here.)

Again, thank you to each of you for all you did this year to spread the word, to offer your presentations at this year’s show and to be sources of knowledge and light to so many people in the fitness industry. We feel blessed to have had you work with us this year. 

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