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2018 Club Industry Show Community Breakfast
The Club Industry Show is premiering its Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and Summit at this year's Club Industry Show, Oct. 9-11 in Chicago. (Pictured is the crowd at the Club Community Breakfast at the 2018 Club Industry Show.)

If you have ever wanted to find a way to work with the healthcare industry to improve the health of your community while growing your revenue potential, then you need to attend Club Industry’s Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and Summit at this year’s Club Industry Show Oct. 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago.

Club Industry is excited to debut the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and Summit an expansion of the former Wellness track. The expansion involves the addition of physicians as speakers and attendees. A cocktail reception after the last session on Thursday, Oct. 10 will allow the health club operators and physicians in attendance to network and discuss what they have learned thus far.

To register for this event, go to and review the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit. Below, all of the sessions for the event are highlighted, and some of the speakers who submitted preview videos of their sessions are included. 

Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track: Health Club Focus

The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track offers sessions on Oct. 9 that are specific to health clubs with presentations by your peers and experts about opportunities in healthcare for you to increase revenue, attract new members and help members better attain their goals. 

The day will start with a presentation entitled “Designing and Implementing Clinical Fitness Programs: Collaborating with Medical Professionals,” presented by Janis Newton, director of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Wellness Center, and Tatiana Baier, program director for MUSC Wellness Center. The presentation will focus on how to build relationships with doctors, physicians, nurses and other medical professionals and how that plays an important role in a program's curriculum and overall success. 

The second session of the day is “Elevating the Member & Physician Experience Using Medical Fitness Technologies,” presented by Daniel Lynch, president of VisionBridge, and chairman of the Medical Fitness Association. Lynch will share some of the latest technologies used to screen and test members, technologies that can be used to maximize the exercise prescription and make your group exercise programs more exciting, and methods for keeping the physician informed about patient progress.

The first session of the afternoon will be Driving Membership & Revenue Through Medical Fitness Programming - Case Study,” presented by Chris Craytor, president and COO at ACAC Fitness and Wellness Centers. In this session, Craytor will share ACAC's experiences developing referral programs that have served more than 50,000 enrollees since inception, creating meaningful medical partnerships, third-party reimbursement strategies and technology solutions. 

The next session is “How Technology Can Reduce the Friction in Health Club Physician Referrals,” presented by Mike Rucker, vice president of technology at Active Wellness. In his session, Rucker will share case studies showing what is actually working to build the continuum of care between the condition-specific protocols delivered by medical providers and the general well-being of an employee population. The focus will examine how Active Wellness is using technology to drive programming that is referred in by physicians. This includes P.R.E.P., condition-specific such as the Diabetes Prevention Program, and general lifestyle interventions.  

The last session of the health club-focused day is “Exercise Motivation Spotlight: Evidence-Based Strategies That Best Support an Active Lifestyle” presented by Karlie Intlekoger, global wellness researcher with Johnson Health & Wellness. In this presentation, Intlekoger will identify the most effective approaches that build value for regular physical activity and why strategies that increase exercise participation are crucial to address growing healthcare costs.

Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit: Day One

Physicians join the health club operators on Oct. 10-11 in what is being called the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit. These two days are a great opportunity to get into the room with physicians, some of whom will be presenting and others of whom will be attendees.

The first session on Oct. 10 is “How to Combine Fitness & Medicine to Redefine Healthcare: The 5 Pillars of Integrative Practice Success,” presented by JR Burgess, CEO of Rejuv Medical and founder of HealthOvators.

Next up is “One Health Insurance Executive’s Perspective on Weight Management, the Fitness Industry and Healthcare Outcomes,” presented by Dr. Anupam Goel, chief health information officer for United Healthcare Clinical Services.

The third session of the day is “Nutrition & Fitness Integration in the Medical Practice Through Virtual Care,” offered by Jillian Cohen, CEO of Virtual Health Partners.

Diabetes prevention programming offers tremendous opportunities for the health club market, and Dr. Ronald T. Ackerman, senior associated dean for public health and director at the Institute for Public Health and Medicine, as well as director at the Center of Diabetes and Metabolism at Northwestern University, will speak on this topic in his presentation, “Opportunities for the Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic Patients in Fitness & Nutrition Offerings.”

After Ackerman’s presentation, stay tuned for “Partnerships with Health and Fitness Entities to Improve Renal Dialysis Patient Recovery,” presented by Dr. Yolanda Becker, professor of surgery and director of kidney and pancreas transplant in the Department of Surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine.

That presentation will be followed by “Rehabilitation and Recovery for the Orthopaedic Patient: The Benefits of Integrating Formal Physical Therapy with Health Clubs, Nutrition and Lifestyle,” presented by Dr. Sherwin S.W. Ho, professor of orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation medicine and director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Chicago.

The last session of the day is “Communication Strategies to Enhance Motivation for Exercise,” offered by Andrea K. Busby, a licensed clinical psychologist at Michigan Avenue Neuropsychologists.

After this last session, the physicians and health club operators can network during a cocktail hour to continue the conversation about partnership opportunities between the two groups.

Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit: Day Two

The second day of the Summit will begin with “The Changing Healthcare Landscape: How to Maximize the Opportunity,” presented by Doug Ribley, senior vice president, health & wellness services at the Cleveland Clinic Akron General. Ribley is also an advisory board member of the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit.

Ribley’s presentation will be followed by “Cancer Prevention and Treatment through Exercise: The Living Well after Cancer Case Study,” presented by The Claremont Club President and CEO Mike Alpert and by Clague DeHart, visiting professor in the Department of Medical Oncology at the City of Hope as well as assistant professor in the School of Community and Global Health at the Claremont Graduate University.

The third session of the day is “Fitness & Nutrition as an Effective Tool for Cardiac Patients,” presented by Dr. Melissa Tracy, vice chief of program development and system wide director of cardiac rehabilitation at the Rush University Medical Center.

Dr. Scott Schimpke will present the last morning session. As assistant professor of surgery and associate academic director for simulation in the Division of Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Rush University Medical Center, Schimpke will speak about “The Need to Integrate Bariatric Patients into Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Offerings.”

After lunch, one of the Summit’s advisory board members, Dr. Vaishali Geib, who is also chief medical officer for ReShapeMD and medical director of quality and population health for Privia, will present on “How the Fitness Industry Impacts Value-Based Care.”

The next session is presented by another of the Summit’s advisory board members, Dr. Silvana Pannain, associate professor of medicine, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism at the University of Chicago Medicine, and director of Chicago Weight. Her session will be on “A New Obesity Narrative: The Integrated Role of Fitness and Obesity Medicine in Weight Management.”

The last session of the day is a panel presentation, moderated by the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track & Summit chair Kevin Steele, who is president and CEO of PTA Global and PTontheNet. The panel will include several of the presenters in the Summit and will cover “What Is the Future of Healthcare & Fitness Integration?”

Registration Options

Your registration options are as follows:

  • To attend just the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track on Oct. 9, register for a 6-pack (if you are not going to attend any other sessions at the Club Industry Show) or a Premium Pass (if you want to attend sessions other than the Summit on Oct. 10-11). (Remember that the Oct. 9 Lunch & Learn in the track is an additional $25 fee, so sign up for that, too. Lunch is limited to the first 50 registrants.)
  • To attend both the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track (Oct. 9) and the Summit (Oct. 10-11), register for a six-pack and the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit option. (Remember that lunch on Oct. 9 is an additional fee of $25, but breakfast and lunch are included in the price of the Summit on Oct. 10-11.)
  • To attend just the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit on Oct. 10-11, register for just the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit option. (Breakfast and lunch are included in both days of the Summit.)

Thank You to the Sponsors and Advisory Board

HFIS sponsors are ABC Financial Services, Complete Medical Services, Human Touch, Kinetisense Inc., Styku LLC, TMI Salt Pure Corp. and Welld Health

The full Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit advisory board can be viewed by going here.)


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