Partners to Share Expertise on COVID-19 Research, Politics, Standards, Challenges in Latin America

Register for free to gain insights from partners of Club Industry at the Future of Fitness virtual event in March. Knowledge about what the industry is facing elevates your ability to overcome today’s challenging business environment.(Photo by fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus.)

One takeaway for Club Industry from our free November Future of Fitness virtual event was just how open many organizations in the fitness industry are about sharing their expertise with you through whatever means they can. They know that knowledge is power, and the more knowledgeable you are, the more adept you will be at overcoming today’s challenging business environment.

That’s why we want to share that for Club Industry’s next Future of Fitness virtual event, which is March 9-10, IHRSA, EuropeActive and Mercado Fitness will present sessions you shouldn’t miss, just like they did in our November virtual event, which is now available on-demand.

IHRSA is presenting two sessions, and Brent Darden, the interim CEO of IHRSA, will participate in a One-on-One, which we’ll highlight in a later blog.

Here are the partner sessions, starting with IHRSA’s two, followed by EuropeActive and then by Mercado Fitness. Make sure to register for the event here.

Latest Research on COVID-19 and Health Clubs 

One year after the COVID-19 pandemic caused cities and states to temporarily close health clubs, the fitness industry is still grappling with the pandemic. COVID-19 closures and restrictions have caused significant industry damage, and club operators have responded with a renewed focus on member safety and re-engagement efforts. Fitness centers are continuing to implement evidence based risk mitigation protocols, educating members and the public about the importance of exercise and the safety of clubs, and monitoring new research. IHRSA has examined the latest research and will present what club operators and staff need to know.


Melissa Rodriguez, senior research manager, IHRSA

Alexandra Black Larcom, senior manager of health promotion & health policy, IHRSA

How Democratic Control Could Impact the Fitness Industry During the Next Four Years  

Take a deep dive into how the political shift to Democratic-controlled Legislative and Executive branches could impact regulations, taxes, wages, investments and other areas integral to the future of the fitness industry.  


Helen Durkin, executive vice president of public affairs, IHRSA

Can Standards Elevate the Fitness Industry? 

To elevate the fitness industry in the eyes of the public, public health officials, the medical community and legislators, is it time now to implement standards in the fitness industry?  

Moderator: David Stalker, president of Europeactive, and CEO of Myzone EMEA


Alfonso Jimenez, chief research & innovation officer, GO fit Lab, and head of THINK Active

Julian Berriman, director, Professional Standards Committee, EuropeActive

Anna Bogdanova, personal trainer and deputy director, EREPS

Challenges Facing the Latin American Fitness Market Today 

Health club operators are still facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this panel, the discussion will focus on what the current challenges are and how these health club operators are overcoming them.  (Session will be conducted in Spanish.)

Moderator: Guille Villez, editor, Mercado Fitness


Gigliola Aycardi Batista, founder, Bodytech 

Rodrigo Chavez, CEO, Anytime Fitness Mexico

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