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An Innovative Tool to Help You Get Through the COVID-19 Shutdown Crisis Photo by zhudifeng/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

An Innovative Tool to Help You Get Through the COVID-19 Shutdown Crisis

In these unprecedented times, we will only survive if we band together and share ideas that will keep us in business until we come out on the other side.

My past columns have focused on the theme of this year’s CEO Summit: Innovating Member Success. But now that the COVID-19 crisis has shut down many health clubs and businesses around the country, I’m pivoting the focus of this month’s column to how to innovate for your success in these trying times.

I am a club operator, too, and my clubs in Washington state are shut down, so I feel the pain that many of you are feeling. But I have another job, too—that of president and CEO of MXM, a provider of member experience management solutions. I hope you don’t mind that in this month’s column I share a free resource from MXM that I believe will help you navigate the next several weeks and possibly months.

When this crisis began affecting the country, I knew we had to do something to help. I also knew that none of us is as smart alone as all of us are together. So I decided to launch a free idea-capture and voting platform for health club operators that we call MXM Idea Lab. The platform captures the best ideas in the industry and shares them seamlessly, enabling operators to see the best ideas for handling this crisis as shared by some of the best operators in the industry.

Gym operators and general managers can see and contribute ideas on topics including:

  • Developing a plan for a three-month shutdown
  • Finding financial help
  • Keeping good employees without going broke
  • Engaging employees and keeping their spirits up
  • Engaging members and the community

The MXM Idea Lab is powered by Crowdicity, which is an idea capture and voting system that captures ideas from any group and allows group members to vote and comment on those ideas. This is a fitness industry coronavirus-response specific idea laboratory for capturing, voting and sharing ideas.

And as I mentioned, we are offering this for free to help the industry survive this crisis and then get back on their feet.

The software is easy to use and a good way to capture and identify great ideas.

To get access to the software that makes this work, just go to MXM’s website:

No one will get through this alone, but we will get through this if we hang together and share information. My hope is that this platform, which calls upon all of us to share ideas, is one of the resources that will carry all of through to the other side of this crisis.