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Free Webinar: The Pitfall of Millennial Marketing: How to Avoid It by Focusing on Your Brand Values

Millennials are the largest generation flocking to the fitness industry, and their commitment to health and wellness makes them perfect targets for any health club. Most of the existing content about how to attract this market misses the fact that the same values that make them perfect targets make targeting them a potential pitfall.

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Millennials. It’s a buzz word thrown out every other sentence in the fitness industry and rightfully so. Millennials are the largest generation flocking to the industry. When you combine that fact with millennials' commitment to health and wellness, you see that millennials are perfect targets for any club. A plethora of content will tell you who millennials are and what they want from programming, technology and marketing. What most of this content misses is that millennials (and Generation Z that follows them) are information rich, and the same values that make them perfect targets also make targeting them a potential pitfall.

Millennials span a large age range. It is next to impossible to use a single marketing strategy that will work to attract someone who is 38 years old and someone who is 24 years old. They want different things in their workouts. Luckily, the majority of millennials want the same things out of the money they spend. They want their spending to support causes and outcomes that align with how they view themselves and their beliefs.

Avoid the pitfalls of millennial marketing and instead attract members by focusing on your core operations and values. In this webinar:

  1. Find out what values millennials are gravitating towards.
  2. Learn how to incorporate these values without disrupting your current operations
  3. Discover how simple changes in values can be financially impactful.


Britt Harris
Senior Marketing Manager
Americas SportsArt

Britt is the senior marketing manager of the Americas at SportsArt, the green fitness company. In her five-year tenure at SportsArt, she has led the implementation of brand development within the fitness industry and executed objective-based marketing strategies geared toward inbound lead generation and customer acquisition. She works closely with customers as they transition their facilities to green fitness, aiding in member communications and public relations outreach. Prior to her work in the fitness industry, Britt was a professional EuroBasket player and trainer. She uses her experience as an athlete to provide unique insights and approaches to fitness communication.



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