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Health Club Member Retention
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If real estate is all about location, location, location, then health clubs are all about retention, retention, retention. Retention is dependent on helping your customers meet their goals and engaging your customers so that they feel part of your group.

With that in mind, we developed the Retention track at this year's Club Industry Show to help you with your retention needs. And since good things seem to come in threes, we asked Dr. Paul Bedford of Retention Guru to do three retention sessions at this year's show. Bedford is well-known for his retention expertise, so we're happy to have him offering these sessions:

How to Calculate Retention, Attrition, Exercise Adherence and Why Those Numbers Are Important
Find out why current methods for measuring retention and attrition fall way below the standards other industries would require to determine return on investment. Find out how to change that as Bedford helps you figure out your numbers and turn them into action plans and presentations that will affect what you focus your efforts on. 

Commercial Club Operators vs. Nonprofits vs. Universities: Who Is Leading the Retention Battle?
This session will focus on the various approaches used by different commercial and non-commercial sectors and what effects those behaviors are having on participant retention and attrition. Plus the session will focus on what to do in your sector to have the greatest impact on retention, attrition and loyalty. 

The Language of Retention: How the Words You Use Can Change Member Behavior and Increase Retention
This session will focus on language patterns and techniques specifically designed to increase member visit frequency and exercise adherence to boost retention. 

Bedford won't be the only speakers with expertise to share on retention. Other speakers will present the following sessions.

Keep the Change: Step-by-Step Retention Program
Tony Maier of Fit Club will present this session in which he will share how to create a step-by-step retention program that begins with a perfect launch via a success consult and continues with a unique “Keep the Change” program.

Make Member Experience Your Competitive Edge
In this session, Chris Stevenson, owner of Stevenson Fitness, will share how to create a great experience for your members that will lead to more referrals, better retention and an increase in revenue for you.

Results Equal Retention: Stop Selling the Wrong Thing
If you find retention a perpetual challenge, Cosmo Wollan, senior executive at Synergy Cubed, will offer this presentation on how results, not bribes, is the best way to retain members and get referrals. He will explain how to change your customers’ mindset and your training paradigm to ensure optimum results and drive both retention and referrals.

Staffing, Operations and Technology in Non-Profits for Member Engagement
In this active work session, industry consultant Kerri O'Brien will share with non-profit organization some immediate tools to analyze and evaluate the technology they use for member engagement, plus share practical goal setting and measurement to goal for member engagement will be discussed.

Member Experience: Making Our Staff and Members Our Brand Ambassadors
Find out how to turn your members and your staff into your brand ambassadors in this session by Deborah Heisler, director of operations, East Coast, for Active Wellness. Learn how to enhance retention through emotion to create a positive memory that will last with your staff and members. 

Small Markets: Developing a Strong Club Culture to Increase Retention
Small town clubs face different challenges when it comes to sales and retention, but Jeff and Teri Bissonnette, co-owners of Anytime Fitness Lake City, MN, will share in this session ready-to-implement club culture ideas that will improve your retention while decreasing your advertising budget and allowing you to have fun.

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