Don’t Overlook These Gems at the Club Industry Show This Week

Club industry Show
Great education awaits you this week at the Club Industry Show Oct. 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago.

As we have shared more than once, this week’s Club Industry Show, Oct. 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago, is an event focused on education and networking. So why do some people just sign up for the exhibit hall when great education and expertise is right at their fingertips?

If I were you, I would jump into my Club Industry Show dashboard right now and upgrade to a six-pack of sessions, a four-pack or even go all-in with a Premium Pass or register for the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit. You don’t get this kind of education from these kinds of speakers (and the ability to earn CEUs and CECs) every day. you need to take advantage of it.

I'm intrigued by a few sessions in particular. A Review of Trends in Nutrition: Guidance for the Fitness Professional session offers an in-depth explanation of the trending diets (Paleo Keto Plant-based Flexitarian and more) from a nutritional perspective, covering macro and micronutrients, with information supported by clinical studies. Find out how to tailor nutritional guidance for clients within one’s scope of practice and how to tailor your clients' programming based on their diet. Presented by Susan Hewlings, director of scientific affairs at Nutrasource.

Hewlings presents another intriguing topic in her second presentation on CBD: CBD Recovery Applications – For Your Club and its Members. In this session, she will define recovery and discuss why it is so important to address it from a 24/7 perspective. Then, she will review current strategies for optimizing recovery with a focus on CBD and how it fits into the overall approach. This will include a brief overview of the regulatory landscape and what that means for the trainer and gym owner.

Speaking of recovery, Allison Flatley of Allison Flatley Consulting, and Jason Reinhardt of Go M.A.D. Fitness, will offer a recovery session: Today’s Recovery Trends and ModalitiesRecovery is one of the top trends in the industry. Understand why and what recovery means. Explore how can clubs and trainers can capitalize on recovery. Learn how to select the right recovery services for you and your club. And do it all in this session. 

And here are more sessions to check out:

Creating a Remarkable Club Programming System to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

In 2019 it’s dangerous follow the herd. Revisit how you think about fitness programming and take away a ready-to-go formula for designing a magnetic multi-level system for your club. Understand the 30 secret weapons and match winning strategies that operators in the United Kingdom are using to revolutionize their program offerings. Hear what's working now and how to knit these concepts together to create a usable formula for you to take home and deliver something special, profitable and valued for your members. Presented by Duncan Green, Managing Consultant, Momentum Business Development.

The Power of Partnerships: Revenue Lifting Strategies for Your Fitness Business

Discover how building partnerships with aggregators, technology companies, and like-minded brands can create value for your club or studio. Presented by Will Serben, Director, Partner Development,

Between the Lines: Client Success Off the Training Ground

The mission of the personal trainer is not simply to train but to build rapport and to positively affect all components of a client’s life whether in or out of the gym. If you're only making an impact on your clients when they are at the club, then you are missing a key area to grow your fitness business. This session will evaluate what it takes to be successful when you’re off the training floor. Learn how to ensure that you are building your book, keeping retention high and always having a referral loop in place. Presented by Dayton McPherson, Fitness Director & SGT Coordinator, Healthtrax.

Consumers and Gyms in the Next Four Years: How the Economy Matters for the Fitness Industry

Changes in the economy affect both the demand for fitness services, as unemployment, wages, the costs of other goods and services and therefore the level of disposable income vary, as well as their supply, via the wages we pay our staff, and how financial markets and bank lending practices permit (or impede) industry expansion. Hear about the most important drivers for the fitness industry during the next few years. Presented by Matthew Roberts, Owner, The Kernmantle Group, LLC, President, Vertical Adventures Ohio, Inc.

Exercise Motivation Spotlight: Evidence-Based Strategies that Best Support an Active Lifestyle

Although the health benefits of regular exercise are well-known, for most people, motivating people to work out is a major challenge. This session identifies the most effective motivation approaches that build value for regular physical activity. Research indicates that the immediate, mood-enhancing benefits of exercise have greater motivating potential than knowledge of future health benefits. The session covers the latest research on the strategies for exercise motivation and  adherence to an active lifestyle. Presented by Dr. Karlie Intlekofer, Global Wellness Researcher, Johnson Health & Wellness.

The Next Generation Sales Process

The way consumers interact with the companies they buy from has changed dramatically in recent years. This session digs into how that has affected health club sales and how we can evolve to take advantage of these opportunities. Presented by Scott Gillespie, President of SACO Sport & Fitness and Principal Consultant with Gillespie Club Services.

Workplace Equality & Diversity - Building Better Companies Through Talent

Many organizations have recognized the need for a more diverse workforce and are striving to create a culture that allows people of all backgrounds to thrive and succeed. Although most organizations have established talent goals to ensure that they attract and retain employees who represent diverse groups, many fall short of these goals. This session will share why and how you can achieve these goals. It offers a fresh perspective that will give practical talent management best practices and lessons on creating an inclusive environment. Presented by Melanie Munoz, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, The Kaleidoscope Group.

Going Green in Your Gym - Lower Bills, Higher Retention

You don't just want to be another ordinary gym on the block; you want your gym to stand out amongst the crowd. In this session, you’ll learn how to achieve that while attracting new members and retaining existing members. And you can do all of this while cutting overhead and costs and giving your members something to rave about—going green.  Presented by Jose Avina II, CEO, Sacramento Eco Fitness.

The TRUTH about Drowning Prevention - Committing to Change

Aquatics safety at your facility is of utmost importance because drowning is a bigger problem than many health club operators realize. Not only does it needlessly affect families who lose loved ones, but it can lead to liability lawsuits for you if a drowning happens in your pool. This presentation is designed to not only bring awareness to this health crisis, but also to provide current data and real-life solutions about how to take action, reduce risk, and begin understanding how to prevent drownings. Presented by Rick Kauffman, Founder, Save 185K LLC, The Kels Group/The Drowning Warriors Podcast, and Wesley King, Owner/Founder, Wesley King Consulting LLC,

Back to the Future! - Implementing Tomorrow's Gym Technology - Today

Technology trends in the fitness industry are ever-evolving, and business owners are asking themselves how they can leverage such technology to make their investments more profitable. The emergence of AI, Machine Learning, IOT and business intelligence tools allow gym owners and their executive management team to gather meaningful data to make sound business decisions, which ultimately leads to better operations and better business execution. When you attend this session, you will unlock the mystery behind these innovative technologies that power some of the most sophisticated club management platforms available today and learn how to automate your business processes for better facilities management. Presented by Shannon Anderson, President, Global Client Engagement, CielolT LLC, and Imre Szenttornyay, Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, CielolT, LLC

The Future of Fitness – Identifying Opportunities in Wellness and Medical Services

Gym owners need a new, profitable business model. And one already exists that you need to know more about. A growing trend in the United States toward health and wellness has led to more wellness centers that attract the masses who not only become gym members but who also enjoy cutting-edge spa services. By partnering with medical practices, you can generate revenue for your facility as well as your physician partners while serving your members better. Find out how to do this in this session from a club operator who already has made the leap. Presented by Raj Gupta D.C., Founder, SoulFocus, and Owner, Focus Fitness.

Get yourself registered for the show by going here, or go back into your dashboard and upgrade to a conference registration. 

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