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Behind the Scenes
Female Leader Speaks to Group Photo by Thinkstock.
Develop or improve your leadership potential and skills by taking five sessions at this year's Club Industry Show, Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago.

Develop Your Leadership Skills Regardless of Your Position at Your Fitness Facility

These five can't-miss sessions will help you develop the leadership skills that will set you apart from and move your career forward in the fitness industry.

When you desire to move into a leadership role, you seek guidance to develop your leadership skills. Does that mean once you've moved into leadership you no longer need guidance? Good leaders will tell you that you should never stop learning.

That's why the Club Industry Show again offers five can't-miss sessions in the Leadership Mastery track at this year's show Oct. 4-6. The sessions, for soon-to-be leaders and existing leaders, were developed by Bill McBride, CEO of Active Wellness, and are presented by McBride as well as Brent Darden of Darden Consulting and REX Roundtables, and by Allison Flatley of Allison Flatley Consulting.

Sign up today for these sessions to develop the leadership skills you need to move your career and your business ahead of the pack. Check out more about the session below.

Leadership: The Direction & Strategy

In this session, you will learn:

  • The difference between leadership and management
  • Setting direction – aligning resources – inspiring action
  • Common traits and tenets of successful leaders
  • Understanding your personal leadership style
  • Leading into the future – trends vs. fads
Management and the Operating Plan

Effective leaders have a management plan. This plan should be organized, task-focused and aligned with club standards and procedures. Successful leaders take their management plan to a higher level with metrics, and the results are undeniable. Find out how to do this in this session. In addition, learn how to assess your management skills and learn how to strengthen your management plan by using key performance indicators and holding your team accountable. Explore ways to keep the next generation workforce engaged, accountable and following your operating plan.

People and Performance: The Secret Sauce

In this session, you will hear about how to win the war for talent so that your health club can be successful. In addition, you will learn about:

  • Finding the right fit for your brand
  • Tenacious cultural and experiential training
  • Establishing freedoms and obligations
  • Offering engagement and encouragement of the heart
Sales & Marketing: The Engine

In this session, fitness industry leaders will learn how sales and marketing are the engine of any health and wellness business, and how leaders can ensure their “engine” runs smoothly. Leaders will learn the intricacies of this engine, including brand position, sales design, marketing strategy, sales and marketing alignment and sales results.

Service & Member Experience: The Product

In this session, the three speakers from the day's sessions will present on service and the membership experience, including a focus on these areas:

  • People
  • Product
  • Process
  • Orchestrating the overall customer experience
  • Developing a purpose-driven platform
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