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Behind the Scenes
Tony Maier, Club Industry brand ambassador Photo courtesy Tony Maier.
Tony Maier, owner of IronWill Health and Fitness Consultants, is passionate about metrics and using data to drive results for businesses and clients alike.

Creating Change with Fitness: Q&A with Club Industry Brand Ambassador Tony Maier

Club Industry brand ambassador Tony Maier will share tactics for achieving member retention in multipurpose clubs during his Oct. 26 session at this year's Club Industry Show (Oct. 24-26, Hilton Chicago).

Tony Maier's breadth of experience in all facets of health club operations—sales, training, marketing and management—is why he was chosen to be part of Club Industry's inaugural class of brand ambassadors.

Maier is the owner of Hamco Fitness Concepts and IronWill Health and Fitness Consultants. He is also the director of production and growth at FitClub, the operator of three multipurpose health clubs in Springfield, Illinois. He is passionate about metrics and using data to drive results for businesses and clients alike.

Maier is certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is a former board member of the American Heart Association.

We recently spoke with Maier about being named a Club Industry brand ambassador and why he chose to present on "Retention for the Multipurpose Health Club: A Solution-Based Program" (8:15 a.m., Oct. 26, Salon A4) at this year's Club Industry Show (Oct. 24-26, Hilton Chicago).

Q: How were you first introduced to Club Industry?

TM: I started to attend Club Industry in the late 1990s and have been attending ever since. I have met some of the biggest names in the fitness industry and created a network of colleagues and friends that have lasted over 15 years. I remember my first show and was absolutely blown away by the information that was provided. The trade show was also incredible. The latest and greatest advances in equipment, technology and programming were on display. Every year I attend, I learn more, network more and take away best practices. It is a must-attend event on my calendar every year.

Q: Since then, how has the Club Industry Show personally helped you and your business positively evolve?

TM: Club Industry has developed me on a professional level—that is a fact. You cannot attend this conference and trade show without learning more about how to serve our members and clients better and, more importantly, how to change their lives for the better. I have been in club management for over 20 years, and I am still learning every year that I attend or speak at Club Industry. It is the place to learn best practices.

Q: Why should health and wellness professionals attend Club Industry? What sets Club apart from other trade shows and conferences?

TM: Industry professionals really must attend Club Industry if they want to master their craft. This is where the best of the best gather to exchange ideas, learn about what is new in our industry and, most importantly, how we can grow our businesses. What sets Club Industry apart from other shows is simply that it gives you access to the best minds and operators in our industry.

Q: You are part of the inaugural class of Club Industry brand ambassadors. What makes you most excited about this opportunity?

TM: I am excited to work as an ambassador for Club Industry because it has been such a major part of my career development and many of my colleagues' development. I have always promoted Club Industry privately and among my team. However, being part of it on an official level gives me great pride and satisfaction. My hope as an ambassador is that I can continue to influence a progressive and creative and innovative new group of health and fitness professionals.

Q: Can you talk about your role at this year’s show? How did you decide on your session topic, and why do you believe it is relevant to attendees?

TM: I will be presenting a great talk on "Retention for the Multipurpose Health Club: A Solution-Based Program" (8:15 a.m., Oct. 26, Salon A4). This is a program that can be taken back to individual clubs and tweaked to fit their specific needs. We will use tools like the VFP, Infusionsoft and Salesmessage platforms. I will also be presenting on my consulting business to help clubs implement these types of programs in their own business. Please plan on being ready to change some lives with this dynamic program.

TM: Club Industry is an inspiring, motivating, educating event that can change your career and your business for the better.

Don't miss Tony Maier's session at the 2018 Club Industry Show: "Retention for the Multipurpose Health Club: A Solution-Based Program" (8:15 a.m., Oct. 26, Salon A4, Hilton Chicago).

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