A Call for Your Stories about Generating Revenue during the COVID-19 Shutdown

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We’ve been hearing about how health clubs, studios, YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers, university rec centers, parks and rec facilities, and medical wellness facilities have been getting creative to survive the COVID-19 shutdown. And we want to share those stories.

So we are calling upon you to send us your stories about how you are generating revenue despite being closed during the COVID-19 crisis. If you've gotten creative and want to share your ideas with others, please send us a write up. 

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Your name, email address and phone number (and let us know if you want the email and phone number to remain private or if it can be made public)
  • Your club’s name and location
  • How many clubs you have
  • When you had to close your club, studio, rec center, etc.
  • What you are doing to generate revenue while you are closed and how this idea came about.
  • Was this a new idea since shutdown or had you been doing this prior to shutdown
  • How much revenue this has generated so far
  • What the cost to generate this revenue is
  • How many staff members are required to carry out this idea
  • Challenges and how you overcame those
  • Response to the offering
  • Photos of yourself, your facility and if possible, the idea being carried out.

Send this information as a story to [email protected]. Don't worry if you don't fancy yourself to be a writer. We'll make sure to give it a good edit. 

We will share as many of these stories as possible to show other operators of health clubs, studios, YMCAs, rec centers and more what they can do during this crisis.


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