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11 Ways to Get Help to Improve Your Health Club Marketing and Generate More Leads

If your marketing methods have been pulling in fewer and fewer leads, it might be time for a reboot or a refresher on new marketing ideas. Check out these marketing sessions at this year's Club Industry Show Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago.

The right marketing plan is vital to successful lead generation for all types of fitness and wellness facilities. So how do you know if your marketing efforts are up to date, effective and hitting the right audience through the right platforms? The Club Industry Show is offering a Marketing track that was developed by track chair Casey Conrad of Communications Consultants to help keep you moving in the right marketing direction. Conrad is one of the most popular speakers at the Club Industry Show, and not only did she hand-select many of these presentations and speakers, but she also will present three sessions of her own.

Check out the topics and then sign up for the show, which is Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago, by going here before prices increase after Sept. 14. This track is sponsored by Silver Sneakers and Instinctive Insights.

Marketing to Everyone Is Marketing to No One: How to Differentiate in a Competitive Market

In this presentation, Hannah Stael von Holstein, marketing director for Discover Strength, will share with you how to establish what differentiates your health club from your competition, how to use those differentiators in a marketing campaign, how to  determine your target market and how to use your differentiators toward your target market.

What Happened to My Google Rankings?

Showing up in organic searches on Google is becoming more difficult but also more important. If you are struggling with your rankings, then this session by Paul Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros, will help you discover what has changed to make it so difficult for search marketers as well as share a home page design and an actual blogging template that will convert to leads.

Maximizing Facebook for Your Facility

Marisa Hoff, general manager at Stevenson Fitness, will share how to cost-effectively use Facebook to increase brand awareness, get more leads and market your programs as well as how to use it as a retention and referral tool for members and employees.

Finding Success with Boomers through Marketing, Achievement and Relationships

Discover how to market to the large Baby Boomer and older adult populations to help them overcome their barriers to exercise in this session by Sims Corbett, senior learning designer for Tivity Health. Trainers and group exercise instructors will learn how to use research about exercise for older adults, for better outcomes, and how these insights influence the marketing and promotion to the Boomer demographic.

Marketing Medical Wellness Programs

Whether you currently have medical wellness programming or whether you are starting to offer some, it won't work unless you know how to market it properly. In this session, Conrad will be joined by Chris Purvis, found and CEO of Peak Performance Physical Therapy, and Dr. Christopher Breuleux, CEO of the Medical Wellness Association to share medical wellness marketing strategies and branding that will lead to credibility for new members, revenue streams and medical partners.

Micro Marketing Generates Sales

What are some new and creative ways to generate traffic and sales? It might be in the niche, according to Conrad, who will present this session about micro marketing to cut through the clutter of other marketing messages. Find out about top micro markets you need to consider, how to design short-term programs for optimal outcomes, the best ways to price and market your programs, and more.

Winning Against the Low-Priced Competitor

As low-priced competitors, boutique studios and online personal training pop up left and right, you need to learn how to adjust your mindset in order to compete effectively, which social media marketing methods will produce personal training leads and five revenue streams that you might not have thought about. Mike Gelfgot, franchisee partner at Anytime Fitness, will share these tips and more in this session.

Driving Sales with Simple Videos

Did you know that video is the single most powerful marketing vehicle today? You can jump in on this effective marketing medium by just using your smart devices and some software and apps. In this session, Conrad will share the two critical elements to make any video successful, the best editing tools and simple tricks to make your video stand out. She will offer a hands-on demonstration about the process.

Turn Sour Email into Sweet Marketing Success for Your Health Club

Sharon Swendner, managing director at CRM Concepts, promises that this presentation on email marketing will be fun and whimsical. In between a look at bad emails, she will offer best practices and tips for creating better emails—and will include them in a handout for you. If you plan to attend and want to provide samples of your emails to be critiqued with recommendations for improvement, then bring those along or go here:

Convert Your Credibility: Strategies to Leverage Your Expertise for Career Opportunities

You may not think of yourself as a writer, but Lindsay Vastola, editor of PFP media, will offer tips about how to write compelling articles and sales copy that will get you better media exposure, whether that is online, in print or even through public speaking. You will leave the session with a template for your professional one-sheet, which is a tool to cultivating key relationships and selling to potential clients.

The New Member Referral: Online Reviews

One negative online review can hurt a business more than most people realize, but when you cultivate the right reviews, they can be a gold mine. In this session, Kelly Robertson, CEO of Bowstern, will show you how effective online review campaigns allow you access to existing client networks and drive sales.  


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