TRX Suspension Training Returns to Its Military Roots

SAN FRANCISCO — TRX Suspension Training systems by Fitness Anywhere Inc., San Francisco, are being used by many branches of the U.S. military to keep troops in shape while they are deployed in the field. This marks a return to the company's roots, since the systems were originally developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL and company founder Randy Hetrick, in conjunction with his Navy SEAL teammates, as they improvised ways to stay fit on covert missions.

The suspension training tool has been tested by the U.S. military and is used to maintain operation readiness in the field, says Alex Roodhouse, Fitness Anywhere military program manager and former Navy officer.

“I first used the TRX several years ago in Ramadi, Iraq,” Roodhouse says. “We anchored it on our tactical vehicles and the hesco barriers outside our tent, and it made an immediate impact on my team.”

Now he says TRX systems are used by the Navy Special Warfare and Expeditionary communities, numerous Army Brigades and throughout the Marine Corps.

The TRX Force Kit, which is being used by Marines in combat throughout Afghanistan and Iraq, includes a bodyweight training kit with a 12-week intensive training program. In addition, nearly every gym on U.S. Marine Corps bases uses TRX Suspension Training, Roodhouse says, and the Marine Forces Reserve has embraced it as a means of staying in shape during training and mobilization.

In the Army, TRX Suspension Trainers are in use at numerous bases, and several units from those installations have deployed with TRX Force Kits. TRX Suspension Training also is taught at all Navy Command Fitness Leader Courses, and the Navy's Special Boat Teams are considering giving TRX Force Kits to all deploying Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewmen.

Fitness Anywhere started a Wounded Warrior Fund to provide equipment, training and encouragement to injured soldiers. Five dollars from the purchase of every TRX FORCE Training Kit sold on goes to support this effort.

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