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Strength Conditioning System

The Paramount XL2 Strength Training Circuit is a space-efficient, 16-piece strength conditioning system featuring fully enclosed weight stacks, premium contoured pads with easy pad adjustments for ergonomically accurate positioning, intuitive exercise adjustments, precise biomechanics, convenient weight stack access and low starting resistance. The XL2 Circuit also meets ASTM and EN-957 fitness equipment safety standards.

Contact: Paramount Fitness Corp.; phone: 800-721-2121;

Stationary Bike

The Krankcycle by Matrix Fitness Systems is a stationary hand-cycle that offers a variety of options for cardiovascular exercise, strength-training and group exercises. Designed to provide an upper-body cardiovascular workout, the Krankcycle uses an adjustable, variable-resistance mechanism connected to a floating flywheel. Created by Johnny Goldberg, it is an upper-body rotational fitness product with independent crank arms, each of which can drive the unit. The Krankcycle can be used standing or sitting, so it offers an opportunity for both strength training and core exercises. It also presents a cardiovascular cross-training option for people with leg or knee injuries and those who are overweight, obese, older or pregnant.

Contact: Matrix Fitness Systems Corp.; phone: 805-637-0820;

Speed Trainer

The Power Chute from Power Systems is a speed-training device that provides resistance and overspeed training to improve two key elements of speed — stride length and frequency. The Power Chute comes with a waist belt for training in any direction, and its built-in mesh panels stabilize the chute and keep the leads from tangling. The belt adjusts from 20 to 42 inches and has a storage pocket. The Power Chute is available in four resistance levels and comes in red, blue and black.

Contact: Power Systems Inc.; phone: 800-321-6975;

Modular Flooring

The Eight Collection from Bolon features modular floor tiles designed with a smooth, durable surface, making it well suited for high-traffic applications. The collection consists of eight models in four natural base colors. Half of the eight models are striped and are named Eight A.M. while the other half are solid and are named Eight P.M. The flooring collection is 100 percent recyclable, fire resistant and provides acoustical advantages. It also comes with a five-year wear warranty.

Contact: Centaur Floor Systems LLC; phone: 800-536-9007;

Gym Divider Curtains

Bison released new gym divider curtains that allow appropriate air movement and privacy within a gym space. They are available in four styles and a wide variety of fabrics and colors. The Roll Up Divider Curtain stores as a tight roll close to the ceiling, while the Fold Up Curtain gathers the curtain as it is lifted toward the ceiling. Ridge Fold Divider Curtains are offered for gyms with an irregular ridged ceiling. These three curtains operate with a 110-volt winch and wall-mounted key switch. The fourth Walk Drawn style is a simple and economical manually drawn curtain connected to roller bearings within a steel track.

Contact: Bison Inc.; phone: 800-247-7668;

Cycling Computer

Polar introduced the RS800CX Pro Team Edition, a limited-edition cycling computer that provides both advanced heart-rate and cycling data. The wrist-based cycling computer, which also can be mounted on handlebars, allows cyclists to plan, measure and analyze their training with data such as heart rate, speed, cadence, duration and other performance metrics. When paired with Polar's G3 GPS sensor accessory, cyclists can record GPS mapping information. The Pro Team Edition is available online and through authorized Polar USA specialty retailers.

Contact: Polar; phone: 917-595-3049;

Strength Training System

Life Fitness introduced the Optima Series, a comprehensive strength-training system that offers single and multi-exercise machines as well as benches and racks. Ideal for smaller facilities, such as hotels, corporate and multi-housing facilities, the Optima Series incorporates space-saving design with dependable durability. The machines' weight-stacks also provide drop down increments for fine-tuning weight adjustments. The equipment is available in a platinum frame with a clear-coat, high-gloss paint finish. All of the machines feature flat, contoured pads and are offered in black upholstery.

Contact: Life Fitness; phone: 800-634-8637;

Aquatic Treadmill

Aquabilt launched a new, lighter weight, lower cost swimming pool treadmill. Designed for all levels of fitness, the Aquabilt treadmill provides a low impact, high intensity workout. The new treadmill also can be used on land during winter months. Aquabilt says deconditioned people can safely begin using the treadmill without fear of injury while athletes can work out smarter by adding sessions on the Aquabilt to their training regimens. Plus, people with joint issues or rehab needs also can benefit from using the pool treadmill.

Contact: Aquabilt LLC; phone: 888-282-278;

Kids Cardio Bike

Expresso Fitness released the S3 Upright Youth Bike, a virtual-reality cardio bike created specifically for children ages 9 to 14. The youth bike is a commercial-grade cardio bike designed to promote physical fitness among middle school-aged children with technology that engages and immerses young riders. The bike includes upright and recumbent bikes as well as a 19-inch LCD screen. The youth bike is built to fit most riders who range from 4 feet, 2 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches in height and up to 350 pounds. The seat, handlebars, LCD display and cranks all are sized and positioned to accommodate middle school-aged riders.

Contact: Expresso Fitness; phone: 888.528.8589;

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