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Personal Training Computers

Polar's FT40 Training Computer provides a new EnergyPointer feature that simplifies exercise by displaying a user's exertion in one of two zones — either fat burning or fitness improvement. The FT60 Training Computer targets the fitness and cross-training enthusiast and features the new Polar Star training program, which adapts to users' personal exercise habits and provides them with weekly targets, easy-to-understand feedback and guidance on the most effective way to improve their fitness. All of the new models are designed to work with Polar Flowlink, a new data transfer unit that connects and synchronizes the training computers with

Contact: Polar; phone: 917-595-3049;

Web-Enabled Cardio Bike

Expresso Fitness launched a recumbent S3r model bike designed to bring the adventure of outdoor riding indoors and allowing users to race in more than 30 virtual tours or watch TV. Expresso bikes are automatically and continuously refreshed with new workouts and programs, keeping exercisers engaged and motivated. The new bikes feature a 19-inch widescreen LCD, and riders can visit to track their progress or see how they compare to leader boards.

Contact: Expresso Fitness; phone: 619-234-0345;

Stand-alone Suspension Training

Technogym introduced new equipment configurations for its Kinesis line. Kinesis is a movement system designed to allow more than 400 exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Kinesis technology is now available in different options, including Kinesis One, a stand-alone workout station offering all Kinesis movement possibilities in one piece. Developed as a free-standing unit with a reduced footprint, Kinesis One provides a complete training system for the gym floor. It is ideal for personal trainers or as an easy-to-use option for members.

Contact: Technogym; phone: 800-804-0952;


The new CS5.0 treadmill from True Fitness comes with a speed range up to 12 miles per hour and an incline range of 0 percent to 15 percent. The patented Soft System offers the most biomechanically correct running surface available and is included on the CS5.0. The treadmill is equipped with a digital contact heart rate monitoring system, as well as a Polar wireless telemetry system, both of which assist users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and maximizing their workout results. The new CS5.0 treadmill also comes equipped with fans, a commercial frame, a 7-inch LCD display and aluminum straddle covers.

Contact: True Fitness; phone: 636-980-4326;

Menu & Planning Software

The full version of the MediCorp Menu/Activity Planner Web Site software allows fitness professionals to brand their Web sites with their own logos. Their clients can then set up an individualized evaluation profile, optimal caloric intake based on BMR and activity level, physical goals, personalized menus, grocery lists and the ability to add unlimited new foods to the existing 1,500 food database and proprietary food exchange system. The site also allows users to create activity plans with printouts, client evaluation profiles, individualized goals, client follow-up tracking systems and physician release forms, as well as a set of basic physiology handouts and multiple-choice quizzes.

Contact: Private Label Fitness; phone: 714-282-0305;

Spinning Bike

Star Trac's newest spinning bike, the eSpinner, is an indoor cycling bike that extends the spinning experience beyond the group cycling room and onto the cardio room floor. The eSpinner allows users to take a guided, virtual spinning class from a master instructor via an embedded touch screen display. Users can build an interactive, personalized workout through the eSpinner's programming and receive feedback, guidance and motivation to achieve a high level of intensity. Built into the bike is the eSpinner's 15-inch embedded touch screen.

Contact: Star Trac; phone: 800-228-6635;

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