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Whagaa Software delivers a complete mobile-training solution that utilizes video/audio on handheld devices, such as Smartphones, iPods and PDAs. Applications include gym/home fitness, running, cycling, golf and other popular fitness-related activities. Whagaa can customize software for various types of facilities, including corporate wellness programs, fitness clubs, hotel gyms and golf courses.
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Hanging Mats

The new Premium Hanging Club Mats provide the same comfortable feel and quality construction as Power Systems' Premium Club Mats, yet they have two reinforced rings for hanging. Instead of stacking and rolling mats to store them, the mats hang easily on the Hanging Mat Rack, which also is available from Power Systems. Made with a supportive closed-cell foam structure, these 5/8-inch thick mats provide cushioning for all activities. The non-slip, moisture-resistant surface is soft to the touch and wipes clean with a damp cloth. The mats are available in 56- and 72-inch lengths in ocean blue and calypso berry.
Contact: Power Systems; phone: 800-321-6975;

Entertainment Accessories

Tune Belt's Open View Armband for Apple's 3G iPod nano has a slim case that is made from lightweight and comfortable neoprene. The case features a clear protective window cover that provides full navigational control, a flexible cushioned Velcro armband that adjusts from 8 to 18 inches, a flap for storage and management of earphone cords, and a reflective logo and trim for nighttime visibility and safety. The armband retails for $19.
Contact: Tune Belt Inc.; phone: 513-247-4400; e-mail:;


Traditional toilet stalls can have up to a 1/2-inch gap at the sides of the door, but Bradmar No Site Solid Plastic partitions eliminate the gap between the door and pilaster. Matching profiles on the hinge side and an overlap on the strike side create the tight fit, closing the gap for a more private enclosure. The design does not require any special floor or ceiling construction, which makes the partitions suitable for new or existing construction. The partitions are available in 26 shades, including 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic options. All Bradmar partitions are made from 1-inch thick high-density polyethylene, which is an ideal choice for high-traffic restrooms because it is waterproof, dent and graffiti resistant, and does not absorb odors. The partitions are available in floor-mounted, overhead-braced and floor-to-ceiling styles.
Contact: Bradley Corp.; phone: 800-272-3539;


The new Cardio Series includes eight educational posters. The posters display a detailed drawing of the entire muscular body and shows which muscles are used on the treadmill, seated and recumbent cycling bikes, cross trainer, stairclimber and elliptical. Also included is vital information on the makeup of a workout, health benefits, and how to monitor heart rate and select the best training zone. Other posters include information on perceived exertion and heart-rate training zones. The Cardio Series is available framed, laminated or in paper.
Contact: Algra Corp.; phone: 800-336-1322;


Multiple clinical studies have shown that a single serving of Celsius burns up to 100 calories. The drink raises a person's metabolism over a three-hour period, generating increased energy and alertness. For regular exercisers, this can result in a loss of fat mass, gain of muscle mass and increased endurance. The drink includes Metaboost, a blend shown to enhance metabolism, resulting in a sustained calorie burn. The drink is available in five flavors: cola, lemon-lime, ginger ale, orange and wild berry.
Contact: Celsius; phone: 866-423-5748;

Lifting Cuffs

Flexsolate grip-free cuffs increase development of targeted muscles three times faster than weight equipment alone. Used by weight-lifting professionals, these cuffs work with all types of exercise equipment to help users accomplish their exercise goals in less time. By not engaging hand muscles during the exercise, targeted muscles are automatically isolated for faster, more effective muscle development. The cuffs include an exercise DVD.
Contact: Flexsolate; phone: 888-313-3539;

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