New Program Measures, Tracks Functional Strength

Tulsa, OK — Performance Health Systems and SCIFIT Systems Inc. recently introduced bioDensity Isometric Strength Technology, a bio-mechanically efficient and personalized approach to improve, accurately measure and track functional strength, according to John Jaquish, chief technology officer for Performance Health Systems.

The program is being launched at Hockessin Athletic Club in Hockessin, DE; Rossmoor Senior Living Community in Walnut Creek, CA; PE4life in Naperville, IL; and the U.S. Navy Seals program in Little Creek Naval Base, Virginia Beach, VA.

The technology involves four comprehensive isometric exercises to measure force output using load cell sensors to record precise session tracking data through a central processing unit. Real-time feedback and exercise intensity is created by the user. The system, created by Jaquish and Paul Jaquish, also of Performance Health Systems, is made and distributed by SCIFIT, Tulsa, OK.

The system works for all fitness levels aged 12 and older but is particularly beneficial to people who are deconditioned, aging or have limited range of motion, according to the company.

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