Health Clubs Go Digital

Pittsburgh, Pa β€” Digital signs are making their way into clubs. ClubCom, a provider of digital signs and digital media networks, has its products in more than 1,500 fitness clubs across four continents.

Digital signs can display general information or real-time information, such as advertisements, weather and traffic, or information specific to a club, such as pro shop specials or group exercise class times.

At American Family Fitness clubs, digital signs display music videos, general information or event information, says Laura Fisher, account manager for American Family Fitness TV, Richmond, VA. Some of the videos have ads running over them, and sometimes the club runs 30-second commercial spots for local or national businesses.

Basic package installation of digital signs range from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the club's media market. ClubCom also has an entertainment platform package that costs significantly more, but how much it costs depends on the club's location.

Digital signs are beneficial as they enhance the member experience, promote internal products and services, and generate third-party revenue through national and local advertising, says ClubCom President Tom Lapcevic.

Member reaction to the signs at American Family Fitness has been positive, Fisher says. However, club owners must be careful with the number of ads they display so as not to distract from the overall experience, she says.

Chris Gibbs, executive vice president of ExpoNation, says that with technology becoming such a big part of people's lives, digital signs will be almost anywhere people go.

β€œIt's not if [club owners] are going to do it, but when they are going to do it,” he says.

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