Equinox Ramps Up Member Services with Trainer Hiring, Equinox Circle

In efforts to help members reach their highest potential in life, Equinox is launching two initiatives: one to put 5,000 more performance coaches in its clubs during the next two years, and the other to offer exclusive services and products from other high-end brands.

To meet a growing demand for personal training, Equinox is prioritizing a hiring initiative in addition to curating partnerships and creating development programs that foster the growth of its performance coaches, the company announced on May 15.

Part of the initiative includes a partnership with Hiring Our Heroes, an initiative to help veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities. The partnership will offer military community members the opportunity to become an Equinox performance coach, including full scholarships to attain their certification coupled with ongoing training and development through the Equinox Fitness Training Institute.

"People around the world want to live a high-performance lifestyle, and the desire to be a part of the Equinox community has never been stronger,” Equinox President Scott DeRue said in the announcement. “To support our members, we are making a bold commitment of hiring 5,000 performance coaches, investing in their training and education, and developing new personal training programs to help our members achieve extraordinary results."

In addition, Equinox is launching Equinox Circle, in which the company is partnering with eight high-end brands to secure luxury offerings for its members, according to an article on Yahoo.com.

The eight brands are watch company Bezel, health technology company Oura, resale site StockX, helicopter commuter company Blade, event and restaurant reservation company Dorsia, travel agency Indagare, supplements company Thorne, and prepared meal delivery service Provenance.

More partnerships are planned along with a loyalty program.

The program is not a discount program, but more of a resource program. For example, Equinox members will be invited to certain events by Bezel where they can try on select Bezel products, and for Oura, the Oura Ring will be included in the Equinox Rest and Recovery Kit with an Equinox ring cover, other offerings and a free 12-month subscription to Oura.

All club members, Equinox+ subscribers, and employees can join the program for free by going through the Equinox+ app or on the company’s website.

Equinox Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Julia Klim, who came up with the program, told Yahoo.com that the program is not intended as a revenue generator but more as a value-add to members outside the clubs.