How Was Your January?


The editors recently called and e-mailed more than a dozen club operators and talked to two industry consultants to find out how club operators fared in January. As you can read in the news story that we wrote based on these conversations, the month seemed mixed. Although one of the consultants spoke to several club operators who had disappointing Januaries, I only heard back from one club operator who had a disappointing month. I'm not sure if that's because only club operators who had good results wanted to share.

So, let us know how your January went. Were your new member numbers higher or lower than January 2008? What about your revenue? How was your attrition in January 2009 compared to last January's? Did you offer deals to get people through the door? What kind of performance expectations do you have for your company this year?

By the way, if you want some advice on how to survive in today's economy, make sure to read the stories on our Special Report on the economy page for advice on ancillary revenue, retention, selling, marketing, cost cutting and financing.

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