Army Program, Soldiers Work to Keep Kids Healthy

Soldiers from Fort Carson CO lead elementary school students through a modified version of the US Army39s physical readiness training as part of the school39s new Fueling the Future program Photo courtesy of the US Army
<p>Soldiers from Fort Carson, CO, lead elementary school students through a modified version of the U.S. Army&#39;s physical readiness training as part of the school&#39;s new Fueling the Future program. <em>Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army.</em></p>

U.S. Army soldiers from Fort Carson, CO, led Army physical readiness training (PRT) sessions for students at a local elementary school last month as part of a program designed to keep kids in military communities healthy.

The Fueling the Future program, which is designed to educate children and parents about the benefits of good nutrition and regular physical activity, launched last year as a U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) campaign, according to an article published on the Army's website. Nicole Leth, who helped design the program and lead the USAREUR campaign, worked to bring Fueling the Future to Patriot Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO, and hopes it gains popularity throughout the Army.

"We want the students to understand the importance of good nutrition and physical activity," Leth said in the article. "We want the parents to engage their children about what they learned at school so the whole family will be brought into the discussion about healthy choices."

During their visit to the school, soldiers conducted hour-long modified PRT sessions with students from each grade. Training sessions began with a warm-up followed by calisthenics and a light run, which benefitted both the students and the soldiers.

"We, as leaders, must ensure our soldiers are physically and mentally fit, and one way we do this is by encouraging them to participate in healthy activities outside the workplace," Leth said. "The Fueling the Future program is just another way we can assist families and get them involved as well. We help teach the children, and they can go home and share it with their families."

The soldiers' visit was one of Patriot Elementary School's monthly Fueling the Future activities, which are designed to reinforce the good nutrition and exercise habits that students learn about in the classroom, Leth told the Colorado Springs Gazette. She plans to bring the program to other elementary schools in the district next fall.

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