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Gold39s Gym International is working to resolve payroll issues for its corporate employees Photo courtesy Gold39s Gym International
<p>Gold&#39;s Gym International is working to resolve payroll issues for its corporate employees. (Photo courtesy Gold&#39;s Gym International.)</p>

Gold's Gym Resolving Payroll Problem

An undisclosed&nbsp;problem&nbsp;with the payroll system used by Gold&#39;s Gym International led to some corporate employees not receiving paychecks and commission checks or receiving the wrong amounts for each, but the company is working to resolve the situation.&nbsp;

Gold's Gym International, Dallas, is working to fix a glitch in its payroll system, according to the company.

Although Gold's Gym did not address specifics about the payroll issue, including cause or number of employees affected, some corporate employees reported not receiving paychecks or commission checks while others reported receiving too little or too much in their paychecks or commission checks.

One employee said the problems began about six weeks ago after a change in compensation plans for managers and salespeople. Gold's Gym corporate employees are paid every other Friday. 

Gold's Gym shared this statement with Club Industry: "As with any large organization, inaccuracies in payroll occur from time to time. Our team members are our most important asset and once any issues are brought to our attention, they are remedied as quickly as possible."

Later, Gold's Gym also shared with Club Industry a memo that CEO Brandon Bean sent to all Gold’s Gym employees. The memo said:

I am aware that some of you have been impacted by the recent inaccuracies in payroll and I want to share three important points with you today with regard to this:

  1. Any failure here with our payroll process or systems is unacceptable.
  2. This is a top priority for us and we are working overtime to correct any and all issues.
  3. Most major issues have now been resolved and any outstanding issues will be taken care of in very short order.

In support of this, your HR and payroll teams are working 24/7 and have contacted many of you directly to resolve any individual issues you may be experiencing. This said, should you have any additional concerns please share them directly with your General Manager, your District Manager and/or your Divisional HR leaders.

If you have done this already and still feel like your situation is not being resolved in a timely and accurate manner, please feel free to contact me and the rest of the leadership team directly through this new email address set up specifically to support you:

As a Gold's Gym team member, you are our most valuable resource. You are the key to delivering the unique fitness experience that only Gold's Gym can provide. My commitment to you is that we will exhaust all resources to deliver your paycheck accurately and on time going forward.

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