Arnold Schwarzenegger Inducted into Gold's Gym Hall of Fame

Arnold Schwarzenegger was inducted into the Gold’s Gym Hall of Fame Tuesday night as the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. Schwarzenegger's induction came at the Gold's Gym Convention in Dallas.

"This week, we celebrate 50 years as the world’s leading authority on health and fitness," Gold's Gym President Aaron Watkins said. "We were honored to celebrate this milestone with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a key part of the heritage of our brand and has helped catapult fitness into the mainstream."

Said Schwarzenegger during the speech:

“When I first came to America, I went to Gold’s Gym before I even went to my first apartment. Gold’s Gym became my home. It was like a family to me. At the time, physical fitness wasn’t mainstream, but look at what we have accomplished in these 50 years. Now everyone is working out. Remember that you all are a part of the fitness crusade that we started 50 years ago.

“It doesn’t matter if you come from the Middle East, Japan, China, Russia or Austria. It makes no difference where you come from; you are a part of the Gold’s Gym family. That is the beauty of Gold’s Gym and that is why I will never forget this place, even today.”

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