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Lady of America Launches Co-Ed Clubs

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — It's worked for women, so now The Lady of America Corp. is offering the first franchised 30-minute circuit-training center for women and men.

The company said that Workout Express for Men and Women was conceived due to the overwhelming popularity and success that female-only training centers like Ladies Workout Express were finding.

Currently, with more than 1,000 worldwide locations of Lady of America and Ladies Workout Express Fitness Centers and with a total of more than 15,000 female-only centers currently operating in America, the ultracompetitive female-only market is destined to reach its limit within a very short period of time.

The company believes that the popularity and success of the centers and the exclusion of men have left an opening for a chain of co-ed 30-minute circuit training centers.

The need for Workout Express Centers for Men and Women was realized after extensive market research was done in more then 1,200 health clubs worldwide. The data collected suggested that there were more then 700 international markets that would support a co-ed circuit training facility, according to the company.

“Our new Workout Express Centers for Men and Women fills a void in the fitness industry that has never been addressed,” said Roger Wittenberns, CEO of the Lady of America Franchise Corporation. “We've listened to what the people want in a workout center and the answer is Workout Express for Men and Women. As baby boomers continue to be the leading spenders in our industry, we have to meet their demands. And what they desire are quick and efficient workouts in an environment that is suited to support their fitness needs and goals.

The company said that the intimacy of the Workout Express Centers for Men and Women will offer both sexes the ability to achieve their desired results in an environment free of the intimidation factor that comes along with the large, often confusing, atmosphere of the mega-fitness centers.

“We've received a tremendous response thus far in announcing our new franchise,” added Wittenberns. “Women have always wanted what our Workout Express has offered: weight loss and cardiovascular improvement in 30 minutes. Now, large numbers of men have been finding that they want the same. They don't want to be in the large gyms with bodybuilders lifting twice their own weight and everyone in perfect physical condition. They want to be around people of similar shape and size and that have the same goals. Since word has gotten out about our new franchise, the response has been overwhelming.”

The company claimed that new Workout Express Centers for Men and Women will offer both sexes the opportunity to experience what it called the “latest, most advanced workout on the market today: a 30-minute, sweat-inducing muscle and cardiovascular workout in a friendly, high-tech facility.

“The concept is going to take over the country,” concluded Wittenberns.

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