Facility Opens in Simpsonville, SC

SIMPSONVILLE, SC — Bob Provost, owner of Sportsclub, along with his architect, Fabiano Designs, announced the grand opening of a 36,000-square-foot health club facility in Simpsonville, SC.

“I knew from the first sketches that we had a winner and would get the “wow” factor we were looking for,” said Provost. “The members' and prospects' responses went beyond that with ‘this is unbelievable.’ The entire project went very well…on budget, on time…we are very pleased.”

According to the companies, the new facility was designed by creating visual connections throughout all areas of the club. The studio spaces were an intricate part of the design of this health club, which includes a 3,200-square-foot group exercise room as well as three additional studios, giving the member a wide variety of program spaces. The club also contains three distinct cardiovascular platform areas overlooking all aspects of the workout experience; this is intended to motivate all members. There are two racquetball courts that round out the club' s numerous amenities. Club members can also relax between classes at any one of the club's lounge areas or after their workout at the full-service juice bar and cafe area.

“Our designs will continue to be developed in a way to expand the traditional market base by creating unique, diverse and well-conceived experiences that will allow all potential members to feel comfortable,” said Rudy Fabiano, president and design director of Fabiano. “From concept to reality, the dedication from everyone that was involved in Simpsonville has made it a true success.”

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