Economic Advice for Health Club Operators

Economic Advice for Health Club Operators

If you're feeling out of sorts because of the economy and you're wondering where to turn for help, you can find it in the online Special Report on the Economy section we've posted on our Web site.

Consultants Rick Caro, Casey Conrad and Karen Woodard-Chavez have written articles on cost cutting, marketing and selling in today's economy. Stuart Goldman, managing editor, spoke to industry veterans to see what they are doing to boost ancillary revenue, and I spoke to AJ Mushtaq, CFO at Titan Fitness Holdings, about financing options in today's market. In addition, the section includes a previously printed article about how four clubs maintain their high retention rates.

The guidance you receive in this special report is meant to inspire you to take on the challenges of today's economy and prosper. Let us know if other articles on this topic would be helpful to you.

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