ClubCom Gets High Ratings

Pittsburgh, PA — The fitness industry's positioning as a valuable media offering may have received a major boost last month when Nielsen Media Research issued a favorable rating for ClubCom's health club TV networks.

The Nielsen study, commenced during the fourth quarter of 2002, consisted of a comprehensive independent survey assessing the reach, effectiveness and member perception of the ClubCom network, as well as the overall demographics and behavioral trends of viewers. The results showed that more than 79.8 percent of viewers expressed that the ClubCom network “make[s] working out more enjoyable” and 82.4 percent stated that ClubCom is “a good thing for health clubs to offer their patrons.”

From an advertising and internal promotional perspective, 63.4 percent of viewers surveyed had an advertisement recall, according to ClubCom.

“The report confirms the critical role entertainment plays within health clubs and ClubCom's remarkable ability to significantly enhance the workout experience while providing an effective communication platform for advertisers and health club operators,” stated George Slowik Jr., VP of business development of Weider Publications, a significant media partner of ClubCom. “It's hard to imagine any other single health club product offering that has such an impact on the member experience.”

ClubCom, which is also the parent company of Cardio Theater, will be conducting a number of additional surveys in the future in the areas of member interactive entertainment, purchasing patterns and post-workout activity surveys. ClubCom's interactive entertainment and viewer tracking technologies are currently being integrated into Cardio Theater entertainment systems to provide seamless entertainment hardware, content and data systems for the fitness industry, the company said.

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