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Club One Opens New Facility

The company now operates six clubs in San Francisco's financial district.

SAN FRANCISCO - While most of the world spent the last days of 1999 preparing for parties (or Armageddon), Club One was putting the finishing touches on the latest addition to its family of commercial clubs: an 18,000-square-foot facility located in the heart of San Francisco's financial district.

Formerly a fitness center for Chevron Corp., the building became obsolete when the company began moving employees out of downtown San Francisco. Club One, which manages two of Chevron's other fitness facilities, decided to take over the lease. However, the deal wasn't finalized until mid-December, leaving Club One only a few weeks to renovate the facility before its opening in January.

"Our staff was working over the holidays," said Jill Kinney, Club One president and COO.

As part of the renovations, Club One replaced all of Chevron's old fitness machines with the latest strength and cardio equipment. The facility also received new carpeting, paint and signage. The company even converted an employee meeting room into a Pilates/yoga studio.

The addition of this facility brings the total number of Club One commercial clubs to 21 - six of which are in the financial district (three in the heart, another three along the perimeter). Since the new club is situated near focal points of public transportation, it provides convenience for the corporate professionals to whom Club One caters. Also, it relieves pressure on the two other Club One facilities in the heart of the financial district, both of which were operating at full capacity.

Although time constraints made presales impossible, the latest facility has already drawn new members and an overflow of people from other Club One clubs in the financial district (Club One members have access to all locations). And while these financial district facilities may seem unusually close to each other, the dense urban population has constricted market radius considerably. Hence the need for a club in an area where Club One is already well-represented.

"We've done research on the distance we draw people for a club site," Kinney explained. "Eighty percent or more of the members come from a two-block radius."

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