Club Makes Its Home Next To Auto Shop

Montello, Wi — A new fitness club offers members a chance to work out while their cars get worked on.

The Body Zone, a 2,000-square-foot club in Montello, WI, is housed in the same building as an automotive repair shop, Kendall Tire & Auto. Laurie Beahm co-owns The Body Zone with her cousin, Brenda Kendall. Beahm, Kendall and Kendall's husband, Jeff, also run the auto shop.

The club, which opened last June, has 55 members and room for expansion.

“These businesses could go hand in hand,” Beahm says. “We've got tons and tons of ideas. We want to start off slow. We want this to be here a long time. We've seen so many places that jump in and get so big, so fast, there's not enough there to support it.”

If the door to The Body Zone is not completely shut, a whiff of that familiar auto odor creeps in to the club from time to time, Beahm says. The music from circuit training and the sounds from the TV in the club block out most of the whirring and clanking going on next door.

“It's kind of like walking from one world into the next,” Beahm says.

In addition to two treadmills, two ellipticals, bikes and weight machines, the club includes a nine-piece hydraulic circuit along with Pilates balls, medicine balls and an ab roller.

“You'd be surprised the stuff people use, and the things people do with them,” Beahm says. “Everybody kind of does their own thing.”

Members can pay in a variety of ways after a one-time $50 enrollment fee. They can become card members and pay $5 per visit. Beahm says that plan was set up for summer homeowners and seasonal campers in the Montello area.

A one-month trial goes for $45. A six-month membership is $210, or $40 per month, and a 12-month membership is $360, or $35 per month.

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