The study not only showed that the sedentary individuals recruited for the study received no greater benefits from HIIT than from steadystate cardio but the group also disliked doing HIIT more than steadystate cardio which could lead to lower rates of adherence Photo by Thinkstock
Yoga Practitioners and Yoga Spending Are on the Increase
The aerial yoga study commissioned by ACE looked at classes from Unnata Yoga which offers authentic yoga with the support of a soft aerial hammock Michelle Dortignac started Unnata Yoga in 2006 Photo courtesy Unnata LLC
The 73 million Americans who used a club between the fall 2014 and winter 2015 sample period was the highest figure recorded since 1987 Photo by Thinkstock
More wage and hour lawsuits are expected in 2016 Photo by Thinkstock
Willis said two mindsets have emerged in how organizations approach the measurement of wellness program success Photo by Thinkstock
The cardiovascular equipment market is expected to lead the growth in fitness equipment sales through 2020 according to the report Photo by Thinkstock
Core health and wellness consumers comprise 21 percent of the health and wellness population and 44 percent of health and wellness spend according to the LEK Partners study Photo by Thinkstock
New Study Shows Wellness Deficit for U.S. Millennials
The Midwest and South Are Home to States with the Highest Obesity Rates