Convenience, Staffing and Time Most Important


DENVER -- Convenience, staffing and time are the most important factors when it comes to choosing a fitness facility, according to a new study by University of Virginia Professor Diane Whaley, a national sport and exercise psychology expert.

Twenty-two percent agreed the most important factor was convenience and staffing, which included having the facility less than 15 minutes from home or work, a friendly and helpful staff, and convenient parking. Time was the second most important factor with 18 percent of respondents saying that they do not want to wait for machines.

When it comes to determining why people work out, the study showed that most exercise primarily for the health and physical benefits. The second reason people participate in physical activity is to improve appearance.

The research study was developed in conjunction with 1-2-3 Fit, a new fitness center franchise focused on 30-minute, customized exercise programs.

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