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Furthermore evolved from Equinox39s Q blog that launched in 2011
<p>Furthermore evolved from Equinox&#39;s Q blog that launched in 2011.</p>

Equinox Launches Furthermore Brand

Furthermore is a &quot;natural next step&quot; for the luxury club company, Equinox President Sarah Robb&nbsp;O&#39;Hagan&nbsp;said in a statement.&nbsp;

Equinox, New York, has launched its Furthermore brand focused on the fitness and luxury style editorial content category.

Furthermore is a "natural next step" for the luxury club company, Equinox President Sarah Robb O'Hagan said in a statement. Furthermore helps marketers and advertisers connect with an upscale, fitness-focused demographic in a high-end wellness environment, O'Hagan said.

Furthermore evolved from Equinox's Q blog that launched in 2011, and it marks the brand's move to a self-sustaining editorial and advertising publication. The content puts together Equinox's fitness and wellness experts with worldwide tastemakers in lifestyle, fashion, technology and travel to produce photo and video content, according to a media release from Equinox.

"Wellness is now at the center of the cultural conversation," Furthermore Editor-In-Chief and former SELF magazine fitness editor Liz Miersch said in a statement. "Our online magazine, Furthermore, marks our commitment to offering the best combination of science-driven fitness content and lifestyle inspiration—from in-depth feature articles to elevated fitness videos to shoppable fashion stories."

Miersch told Fashionista that Furthermore is not writing about specific Equinox programming and is trying to be more editorial.

"But from a business perspective, the plan is to create an advertising model different than anything else out there because we have a tie to the Equinox brand and to these physical spaces and access to a very specific target audience, which a lot of other sites don't have," Miersch told Fashionista. "It's our foray into editorial. We have plans to talk about print and podcasting and other editorial verticals that we want to get into as a brand, which will all be under Furthermore."

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