Plus One Manages Nestlé Fitness Facility


Glendale, CA — Last month, more than 700 enrolled employees of Nestlé USA were able to take their first steps into The WING (Wellness In Nestlé Glendale) Powered by Plus One, a new fitness center located inside Nestlé USA's headquarters in Glendale, CA.

Open exclusively to Nestlé employees and approved contractors, The WING includes 8,500 square feet of strength training machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment, two group fitness studios, massage rooms and fully appointed locker room facilities.

The mission of The WING is to provide the facilities, information and guidance to help Nestlé employees achieve their nutrition, health and wellness goals, according to Plus One Management, the company that will oversee the facility. Plus One's approach to management, including its service delivery systems, customized programming, advanced technology and access to a long line of professionals, will help ensure that these goals are achieved, the company says.

Plus One has worked closely with Nestlé for more than a year-and-a-half leading up to the opening of The WING. Initially selected for design and development consulting, Plus One provided recommendations on all aspects of the facility's design, participated in project meetings during the pre-construction and construction phase, and coordinated the equipment and supplies procurement, delivery and installation. After a national search, Nestlé selected Plus One for the ongoing management of The WING.

"As a company founded on many of the same principles as Plus One — nutrition, health and wellness — we are proud to have Nestlé USA as a valued client," says Plus One CEO and founder Mike Motta. "This engagement has allowed us to show our strengths in all areas of our corporate wellness business, from design and development consulting to facility management and program development. We look forward to providing a rewarding experience for Nestlé employees for years to come."

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