LaLanne Selected


How could you give away a Lifetime Achievement Award in this industry and not give one to Jack LaLanne? That's what we thought when we selected Jack LaLanne as this year's Lifetime Achievement Award winner, to be presented on Oct. 15 at the Club Industry show in Chicago. LaLanne, who turns 95 this year, will also offer the keynote address. More details are posted on our Web site and at the show's Web site.

Show Us Your Best

Now more than ever, wouldn't it be great to brag to your membership that one of your programs was considered the Best of the Best in the industry? Well, you can have those bragging rights, but you have to act now.

The seventh annual Best of the Best competition is upon us. Categories for entry are Best Children's Program, Best Community-based Program, Best Nonmember Program, Best Behavior Modification Program, Best New Member Integration Program and a new category, Best Group Training Program.

My suggestion is to go to and answer the questions on the form completely. For our judges to judge the competition fairly, we need for you to give as many details as possible about things like budgets and results for participants. If you haven't tracked results, now is the time to start. After all, how can our judges really say you have the best program if we don't have actual numbers?

The deadline for entries is July 7.

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