LA Fitness Suit Involving Chris Brown Settled


LOS ANGELES -- A lawsuit filed against LA Fitness by a photographer who claimed R&B singer Chris Brown’s bodyguards harmed him has been settled.

The lawsuit filed by photographer Robert Rosen against LA Fitness and Brown was settled on Nov. 2, according to a document filed in the Superior Court of California—County of Los Angeles. A trial was scheduled to begin on Feb. 22, 2011. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Rosen had claimed that Brown’s bodyguards assaulted him after he took photos of Brown playing basketball in LA Fitness’ Universal City club in the spring of 2009. Rosen allegedly fell down a flight of stairs after the bodyguards chased him. Rosen claimed he was then assaulted by the bodyguards. The photographer also claimed that a club employee blocked him from leaving the facility.

The alleged incident took place about a month after Brown’s arrest for assaulting his then girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown remains on probation for the attack.

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