IMAX Tests IMAXShift Indoor Cycling Concept in New York City

The studio in Brooklyn accommodates 50 riders per each instructorled session and features IMAX theater geometry and sound technology Photo by IMAX Corp
<p>The studio in Brooklyn accommodates 50 riders per each instructor-led session and features IMAX theater geometry and sound technology. (Photo by IMAX Corp.)</p>

IMAX Corp., New York City, is testing out a new indoor cycling concept in Brooklyn, New York.

The concept, IMAXShift, launched with a test studio in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood on April 28. The studio for the "full sensory workout experience" accommodates 50 riders per each instructor-led session and features IMAX theater geometry and sound technology, according to a media release from the company.

IMAX is assessing the concept's commercial viability. If successful, the company plans to employ a licensing approach similar to its global theater network. IMAX selected the DUMBO location because it is "well known as being a community of artists and early adopters, and also fits the key demographic," according to the media release.

"We think it's a very interesting concept," Richard Gelfond, CEO and director, IMAX Corp., told investors during an April conference call. "If the numbers work, we'll aggressively roll it out worldwide, and it will be very promising. If the numbers don't work satisfactorily, we won't roll it out."

Jesse Alexander, who began his career as a master instructor at Flywheel and later became a master instructor for Barry's Bootcamp, is the IMAXShift creative director.

"As an instructor, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to motivate my riders and help them get the most out of their fitness journey," Alexander said in a statement. "What excites me the most about IMAXShift is the originality of the experience; by capturing the energy and buzz of an IMAX theater in an indoor cycling setting, the workout is truly immersive, and no two will ever be the same."

IMAXShift describes each class as a unique content "journey." Programming includes cycling through the solar system, flying over the Hawaiian coasts and pedaling through music-reactive visuals, all of which are designed to pair with each instructor's choreography.

"As we examined potential areas in which to extend The IMAX Experience, one of the opportunities we identified was the fitness space – where there is a clear growing consumer demand for more engaging group experiences," Robert Lister, chief business development officer, IMAX Corp., said in a statement. "By incorporating key elements of IMAX's technology and patented theater design and working with some of today's top fitness instructors to develop fully tailored on-screen workouts, we believe the pilot launch of IMAXShift has the potential to set the stage for a new movement in physical activity and offer participants a workout unlike anything they've experienced before." 

Below is a photo of an IMAXShift class from @IMAXShift on Instagram:

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