Fitness Industry Veterans Create Active Sports Clubs

The former Club One Petaluma club will be rebranded as Active Sports Clubs a new brand being launched by industry veterans Jill Kinney and Bill McBride Photo courtesy of Clubsource Development Partners LLC
<p>The former Club One Petaluma club will be rebranded as Active Sports Clubs, a new brand being launched by industry veterans Jill Kinney and Bill McBride. <em>Photo courtesy of Clubsource Development Partners LLC. </em></p>

Jill Kinney and Bill McBride are working together again, this time on the former Club One Petaluma (CA) facility that Kinney owns and Club One had managed. Starting Jan. 1, the 40,000-square-foot facility will be rebranded as Active Sports Clubs and will be managed by Clubsource Development Partners LLC, which Kinney founded in 2006. She is chairman of Clubsource, and McBride is president and CEO of the company.

Jill Kinney has launched a new brand, Active Sports Clubs, to be managed by her company, Clubsource Development Partners. (Photo courtesy of Clubsource Development Partners.)

Kinney co-founded Club One in 1991 and recruited McBride to join the Club One team in 2003 as vice president of commercial clubs. In July 2013, he left Club One after rising to president and COO. In addition to his current job at Clubsource, McBride also owns BMC3, a consulting, coaching and club management company that he will continue to operate.  

“I made the decision to launch this new company and brand because I felt it was the next step towards delivering my vision,” Kinney says, adding that her commitment is to building great community clubs. Clubsource is a development business that specializes in private community centers that provide a for-profit, contemporary alternative to financially strapped neighborhoods.  

“I truly see our role as one of serving the community, not just the members,” she says. “We’ve done some of that to date, but to take it to the next level, it required that we disengage from the Club One brand.”

Bill McBride serves as president and CEO of Clubsource Development Partners, but he also will continue to operate his consulting company, BMC3. (Photo courtesy of Clubsource Development Partners.)

Kinney says the decision to move away from Club One was difficult but necessary because Club One was not structured to focus on the immediate market.

Part of the process to localize the focus of the club will include introducing products and services that members in the Petaluma area want and will appreciate, McBride says. The company will introduce a farm-to-table organic café that provides fresh, local produce and healthy take-out meals for members. The club also will introduce small group fitness programs and a series of personal improvement workshops, lectures and speakers. New to the club will be the Itrim weight loss center, which Kinney brought to the United States from Sweden. As part of that program, members work with a personal health coach to lose weight and keep it off.

Membership dues will remain the same, according to the company’s website.

Many of the members have known Kinney since she opened the club with Club One four years ago, McBride says, so the reaction to the announced changes has been positive. For some people who were network members of Club One, the change might require more adjustment, he adds.

“Bill’s got an ‘A-team’ of experienced operators in Active who share the philosophy that the best service is one that is truly local and relevant and constantly innovating,” Kinney says. “We launched this new company initially to serve Petaluma, but we’re finding that there are a lot of clubs that resonate with this localized management approach and want to join us.”  

Although the company may add more clubs in 2014, McBride says the company is in no rush.

“We are not anxious to grow quantity for the sake of number of accounts,” he says. “We want to add sites that make sense and where we know we can truly add value with maximizing expertise, technology and customer engagement within a very focused community approach.”

Other Club One veterans on the executive team are Carey White, who will serve as CFO/CTO, and Ken Brendel, who will be the general manager.

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