Fire in Bally Sauna May Have Been Arson


SALEM, MA -- A small fire in the men’s room sauna of a Bally Total Fitness on Wednesday could have been the result of arson by an employee who was laid off by the company, the Salem News reports.

A police report said somebody had stacked newspapers on the side of the sauna’s heating unit, and the papers caught fire, according to the newspaper. Police learned that the company had layoffs this week at several clubs, including the Salem location, and an employee who was let go may be involved, the newspaper reports. The fire, which was put out before firefighters arrived, is still under investigation.

Bally corporate spokesperson Pete Marino acknowledged today that there was a fire at the club and that property damage was minimal. Arson is not a consideration at the moment, Marino said.

When asked about layoffs at the Bally club or clubs, Marino said, “Clubs are adding and subtracting staff all the time. There’s nothing in that particular club that was out of the ordinary.”

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