The Club of the Future


Leading architects give us a glimpse at the future facilities of tomorrow.

Fabiano Designs International, Montclair, N.J.
Looking at the gym of the future requires us to look at the health club of the present. Today's health clubs attempt to reflect the physical experience of the workout. The painted heartbeat stripe on the wall, the strong association with the nightclub and the slow evolution into more sophisticated entertainment spaces all illustrate the industry's focus on movement, exertion.

We believe that the future of health club designs requires not only an understanding of the importance of the physical experience, but the emotional and spiritual experiences as well. A completely holistic workout creates a seductive and addictive energy that make us feel so good, and keeps us coming back for more.

Therefore, the future health club will be more than a place for entertainment, a place for socializing. It will be a cathedral for the mind, body and soul.

Freyer Collaborative Architects, New York
The health club of the future is a total wellness center, where physical fitness and mental health come together in a most unique, tranquil and aesthetically pleasing setting. Future health clubs will move toward total "well-being centers" that not only concentrate on physical well-being, but also mind and spirit.

The future health club/wellness center's design is conducive to the balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit. The facility itself is designed to flow in a sequence, a flow that grasps the workout/relax/rejuvenate concept, as well as designed to look and feel tranquil in a natural setting. The sketch shows the path that one travels inside this natural environment.

Upon entering the center (1), you are greeted at reception (2) and continue on to the individual changing areas (3). When you leave these areas, you enter the fitness areas: cardio (4) and strength (5). After you complete physical activities, it is time to pamper, relax and rejuvenate. As you move out of the fitness areas, you enter into the baths (6) and spas (7). Here, one can enjoy Russian baths, waterfalls, steam rooms, and other spa and bath facilities. Next, you move on to the "rejuvenation" area (8). This area is one of tranquil beauty where you can reach your spirit in your own personal way.

Robert Love, Ohlson Lavoie Corp., Denver
The health/wellness/fitness centers have an excellent opportunity to increase their revenues and service to the community at the same time. The centers will continue their existing programs and supplement them by the addition of space and redefining some areas.

In the next five years, the industry will make a major change toward being more family-oriented. Here is how this facility incorporates that change.

First, this facility features Kindercize, a low-impact exercise fitness program for youngsters. This is a program that will be fun and enjoyable and can be executed with one or both parents. Kindercize is not as long as adult programs, so the children finish in a multipurpose room doing some form of mental exercise such as chess, puzzles or computer games. The parents continue their exercise program with their peers. Family lockers and changing rooms complement the program.

Second, the facility offers Eldercize, a low-impact exercise program for seniors. This program is fun and enjoyable for seniors of all ages and can be executed in the midmorning or afternoon. Also the seniors have a space to "hang out" -where they can visit with friends, play cards or other games, take lessons in arts or crafts, and dance for more socializing.

This center also provides Kindercamp in the summer - a day camp with planned physical activities and games. Special clinics and instruction are provided in baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, the martial arts, etc. A program includes a supervised rest period followed by some mental exercise, such as academic courses, games and puzzles. The program is enhanced with organized teams that compete within the camp and with other centers.

In addition, the building feature a golf learning center and an indoor golf simulator. Batting cages are another asset.

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