Blue Skies for Crunch


Crunch Fitness International is taking its brand to the skies as it has teamed with New York-based low-fare carrier JetBlue Airways for an “Airplane Yoga” program designed to bring fitness and inner peace to the skies.

A Crunch Fitness Airplane Yoga card, created specifically for JetBlue, is now available in the seatback pocket on all JetBlue flights, offering passengers easy-to-assume yoga positions to help make the flight more relaxing. The cards illustrate four yoga poses, all of which can be achieved without leaving the comfort of JetBlue's leather seats.

“One of the best ways to relax is to exercise,” said Howard Brodsky, executive vice president of marketing at Crunch Fitness. “By partnering with JetBlue to offer in-flight yoga, Crunch is sharing its expertise to help air travelers relax, entertain themselves and improve their overall travel experience.”

The cross-marketing deal, which was initiated by Crunch, is just one more benefit that JetBlue is offering its passengers.

“At JetBlue we care about the whole customer, mind and body,” said Amy Curtis, vice president of marketing at JetBlue. “We already offer up to 24 channels of free DirecTV programming at every seat to clear the mind and now we have Crunch's Airplane Yoga to relax the body.”

In addition to the Airplane Yoga program, Crunch is also installing bright yellow, heavyweight-style punching bags in JetBlue's Terminal at JFK (Terminal 6). Humorous taglines on the punching bags — such as “Forget where you parked?” and “Left the iron on?” — encourage passengers to relieve stress through exercise.

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