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Your Members Will Talk about That New Club Down the Street

It's probably happened in all of your clubs at some time. You or your employees hear a member talking to other members about the new club that opened down the street. They may be touting how new and pretty the place is, how great the new equipment is or how clean the locker rooms are. You find that not only must you compete with this new club's advertising and the excitement that always accompanies a new club, but now your own members are doing the advertising for the new club.

How do you respond? Do you tell the member that he or she cannot speak about the new club in your facility? Or do you ask your member what you can do for him or her to make sure he or she is still happy at your club?

Check out this story about how staff at GoodLife Fitness in Canada, one of the largest club chains in the world, purportedly handled the situation.

The fact is that members will talk about new clubs in town. You need to make sure that you have trained your staff how to deal with these comments appropriately.

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