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You Know Your Weight Machines Are Awesome When Members Chest Bump for Them

As we all know, Planet Fitness does not allow grunting at its clubs. Many of the clubs even have  lunk alarms for grunters. Well, apparently, Planet Fitness also does not allow chest bumping—at least if it seems to be adversarial chest bumping (as opposed to celebratory chest bumping).

A story on reported that police were called to a Chambersburg, PA, Planet Fitness to break up a fight between two members—one 56 years old and the other 61 years old—who were fighting over a weight machine. The story notes the men were swearing at each other and chest bumping.

Chest bumping? Yes, two men over 55 were chest bumping. I can’t imagine my father chest bumping anyone for any reason, let alone for a weight machine. Of course, my father is 73 years old now. Maybe I could imagine it when he was 61...or maybe not.

The report did not share what type of weight equipment the two men were fighting over. However, if I was a preferred strength equipment vendor for Planet Fitness, I would certainly check into whether that was my machine. It could make for a great marketing campaign: Our equipment is so vital to your workout that grown men chest bump for it.  

Now as I try to get the image of two middle-aged men angrily chest bumping like two bucks locking horns during mating season out of my head, I have to wonder whether Planet Fitness will feel it necessary to install chest bump alarms or whether chest bumping qualifies as a lunk alarm offense.

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